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Foodie Experiences for Solo Travellers

  1. When travelling the world, there are so many incredible experiences to enjoy – but tasting some of the local flavours that are on offer is something else! We take a look at of the some of our favourite foodie moments which you can enjoy on singles guided holiday.

Summer recipes to kickstart the season

  1. Sensational summer salads

    A refreshing salad that you can rustle up in super quick time, here are the perfect sides for your next barbecue.

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  2. Mediterranean Traybake

    A summer crowd-pleaser, this chicken traybake is easy to rustle up with just 15 minutes to prep and ready in an hour!

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  3. Show-Stopping Paella

    An iconic dish that revives old memories of Spanish holidays past, this paella will have your guests requesting seconds!

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  4. Cocktail Recipes

    With thousands of options to choose from, it seems as if the world is your oyster when it comes to cocktails and mocktails. Here are our favourites from around the globe...

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  5. Limoncello

    When life gives you lemons, why not have a go at making Limoncello, a famous Italian liqueur.

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  6. cake of sorrento

    Sunshine Sorrento Cake with Limoncello Cream

    While you think about where to travel next, bring a bit of sunshine to the UK with this delicious Sorrento cake.

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Whether you want to re-create some delicious world dishes in your own kitchen or learn about some of the flavours of the world - be inspired with Just You.

Get a taste of the world

  1. How to make Balcalhau

    Popular for feasts and celebrations, this Portuguese fish dish uses cod - considered the nation's favourite pick from the sea! It's a versatile dish perfect for adding any leftover veg you need to use up too.

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  2. How to make Figolli Biscuits

    You'll see these larger-than-average biscuits all over Malta during easter. Here's a recipe to try at home for these almond and marzipan delights - a sweet treat much loved by children and perfect for getting creative in the kitchen.

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  3. How to make Uzbek Plov

    Perfect for serving up something a little bit different for a family dinner, this Uzbek Plov is hearty and full of flavour – just don’t be surprised if you have requests for seconds of this national dish of Uzbekistan!

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  4. Moroccan Lamb Tagine

    This tender lamb tagine will transport you back to the souks of Morocco. Perfect for a weeknight one-pot wonder or a weekend crowd pleaser.

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  5. Sicilian Pizza

    Sicilian pizza features a hearty crust more like focaccia, with the dough covered in anchovies for a delicious seafood snack on the go.

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  6. Icelandic Skyr Cake

    Perfect for a summer occasion, Skyr cake originates from Iceland and while it’s a slightly healthier option than a traditional cheesecake, it still has all the flavour!

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  7. Pepper Pot Stew

    This pepper pot stew is a popular Caribbean dish with each island having its own variation - ideal for packing in lots of vegetables and leftovers!

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  8. Sicilian Arrancini

    Arancini is a popular street food snack in the Palermo region of Sicily, and it's traditionally filled with a ragu, but today there are numerous variations, but we're sticking with the classic.

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  9. Chickpea Fritters

    If you're in Palermo, you're highly likely to find vendors selling this delicious street food snack, known locally as panelle and a great appetiser.

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  10. Cannoli

    Perhaps the most iconic of desserts in Sicily - making these delicious cannoli requires a little effort but the result will be worth it!

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  11. Croatian Peka

    A hearty Croatian favourite and a perfect one-pot wonder for using up leftovers.

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  12. Pasticcio recipe

    Delicious and filling pasta dish that's a twist on macaroni cheese and lasagne - all the way from Greece. Why not have a go at making it yourself, you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

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  13. Churros recipe

    Churros recipe

    Crispy sticks of fried dough tossed in sugar and smothered with chocolate – who can resist these delicious Spanish treats!

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  14. Potato Bhaji

    Potato bhaji & chapatis recipe

    Get a taste of India with this hearty home cooked dish that is quick and easy to make.

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  15. Pasteis de nata

    Pasteis de nata

    If you’ve been to Portugal, you’ve probably tasted one of these delicious little custard tarts. Now you can make them at home with our easy-to-follow recipe.

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  16. Pot au Feu

    French pot-au-feu

    The culinary delights of France are many and varied. Try this simple recipe for pot-au-feu and create the flavours of a French kitchen in your very own home.

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  17. Moroccan Red Lentil Soup

    Moroccan red lentil soup

    This simple recipe combines a variety of spices to form a delicious soup that brings a taste of Morocco to your home.

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  18. Classic Peruvian Ceviche

    Classic Peruvian ceviche

    Widely eaten in Peru, ceviche is a fish dish eaten as a starter, lunch or main course. Why not have a go at making it yourself with our easy-to-follow recipe.

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  19. Chickpea Gazpacho

    Chickpea Gazpacho

    A twist on the chilled tomato-based soup from Andalucia, this version uses chickpeas to make it more filling.

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  20. how to bake banana cake

    Banana and Maple Syrup Cake

    No holiday to Canada would be complete without a tasting of maple syrup. It’s also used in a variety of recipes – why not have a go at making one of our favourites.

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  21. Thai Spring Rolls recipe

    Thai Spring Rolls

    Delicious deep-fried spring rolls make a delicious snack or starter. Why not have a go at making some yourself, you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

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Local flavours

  1. Tastes of Tuscany, pasta and Tomatoes

    Tastes of Tuscany

    There are many reasons to visit Tuscany. Check out some of our favourite Tuscan foodie delights.

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  2. Pizza

    Pizzas from around the world

    From a classic Italian Neapolitan to something a little different, get those taste buds tingling with these flavours from around the globe.

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  3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Flavours of Croatia

    Wherever your travels take you in Croatia, local and seasonal specialities are sure to form a memorable part of your holiday, so here are some must-try dishes.

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