AFER Women's Association Homlunch

AFER's Homlunch programme supports the local community in Morocco in a number of different ways, and is the newest Planeterra project to be introduced to Just You.

Offered as part of Imperial Cities and Desert Kasbahs in 2025, by working in tourism, the association is able to inject more money into local initiatives.

Travellers visit the rural village of M'Haya to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by a group of five women from the association.

The project aims to help local women and girls with increased access to education, enjoy a greater role in community decision-making, as well as access to healthcare to achieve better gender equality and to play a part in eradicating discrimination and domestic violence in society.

This project was enabled by Planeterra who provided funding for the hospitality programme to develop the skills of rural women in Morocco, and also funded the renovation of their kitchen and dining area, ready to accept travellers.



As well as directly supporting local women, this project has already benefitted the local community too:

  • 9 women directly employed
  • 54 community members benefitting
  • Local ambulance service in operation
  • Support for 19 literacy groups with lessons in French and Arabic
  • Five sewing cooperatives for rural women



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