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Costa Rica is nothing short of a real-world paradise. The staggering amount of wildlife making its home within the country’s luscious tropical forests and among its flowing waterways and pristine beaches is simply mesmerising. It’s hard not to be entranced by the myriad wonders of this seductive country. With an exaggeratedly relaxed pace of life, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d landed in the actual Garden of Eden. Always wanted to experience a cloud forest? Well, here you can. Ready to see bright-beaked toucans and vocal howler monkeys in their natural habitat? Say no more! Thanks to Just You, Costa Rica singles holidays just got even more captivating.

Getting to know the real Costa Rica is easy with Just You. We’ll take you across the country, seeing many unforgettable sights along the way. You’ll be swept away by all the amazing things to see and do here, from guided boat tours through the jungle to visiting an indigenous community. If you see yourself as more of a thrill seeker, you’ll have the option to take in breathtaking views of Costa Rica's rainforest as you soar across an exhilarating zip line. Discover the paradise of Costa Rica with intrepid travellers such as yourself on fully guided singles holidays with Just You!

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Featured Costa Rica Solo Escorted Tour Holidays

  1. Real Costa Rica

    If you want to discover the real Costa Rica, this is the tour for you. It's packed full of unforgettable experiences and visits the stunning Caribbean coast.

    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in 4-star hotels & jungle lodges
    • 21 meals: 10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 7 dinners

    12 days from
    was £4,949



Costa Rica is an enthralling country. A bliss of nature and wildlife. If you want to discover all that Costa Rica has to offer, then the Real Costa Rica tour is the one for you. There's so much packed in to this nine-day adventure, from a visit to an indigenous community, to guided boat tours through the jungle. A stay on the stunning Caribbean coast, discovering the flora and fauna of national parks and a tour of a coffee plantation. For the thrill seeker, there's even an option to take in breath-taking views of the rainforest as you soar across it on an exhilarating zip line!


Cost Rica has too many highlights to write about but some of the ones you definitely won’t want to miss are:

Animal lovers won’t have to look very far to see exotic animals in the wild. Costa Rican’s love their wildlife and work tirelessly to make sure that nature thrives in their country. You’ll often see locals feeding and rescuing animals or open air breeding centres that allow the animals to release themselves back into the wild once they feel ready. There are over 500,000 animal species in costa Rica and 30 percent of the country is dedicated to national reserves where the animals thrive in the wild.

It's also a twitchers paradise, with the keel-billed toucan, great green macaw, fiery billed aracari, violet sabre wing and over 50 species of humming bird!

Sun-dwellers will love it’s pristine 800 miles of beaches, which just like it’s animal preservation, Costa Rican’s also care about the environment, so you’ll be hard fetched to find a messy beach!

If volcanoes are your thing then Cost Rica has 66! 60 are dormant/extinct but 6 are still active. The Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s most popular volcanoes especially for those who don’t mind a bit of a hike as it’s rough ground on the way to it.

Coffee – Don’t forget to enjoy a cup or 6 (as the locals do daily) and/or bring home some coffee – it’s well known that some of the best coffee is grown and harvested in this country.

The Food in Costa Rica is based mainly around the fresh exotic fruit and vegetables grown locally. A lot of these fruits you will have purchased from your local supermarket without realising where they have travelled from, for example: Pineapples, Melons and bananas. Rice and beans are a staple used in a lot of their dishes, and surprisingly for us brits, often used as a breakfast dish!
Costa Rican food is mild in nature, and flavour is added with exotic fruits rather than spices.
Dishes to try while in Costa Rica are:
  • Casado – Casado means a marriage of foods. This is the traditional dish of Costa Rica and is a plate full of their favourite items. It includes; Meat or fish, fried plantain chips, rice, beans, salad and tortillas
  • Patacones – Fried plantain – if you’ve never tried plantain then you are in for a treat, this fruit of the banana family is often eaten as a savoury dish and used as we would potatoes. However it does have a sweetness to it akin to a banana. The closest comparison would possibly be a sweet potato
  • Chifrijo – a snack of pork rinds, rice, tomatoes and tortilla chips
  • Olla de Carne – Beef stew filled with vegetables such as plantain, taro root, corn on the cob, carrots and any other local vegetables available. A very filling dish
  • Sopa Negra (Black bean soup) – A great dish for vegetarians – ingredients include, black beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and some mild spices along with boiled egg
  • Tamal – different to the Mexican Tamal, this one is much milder and has a garlic twist to it.
  • Arroz con Leche (Rice pudding) and Flan are both popular desserts for the Costa Ricans
The Costa Rican climate is in the main hot and humid so comfortable, lightweight clothing is advisable. You may also find a cardigan or pullover useful for air-conditioned buildings, transportation and natural drops in temperature. Comfortable shoes are a must as there can be a lot of walking involved on some excursions, especially the national reserves. Insect repellent is also wise if going into the reserves. We do however, recommend checking the weather forecast a few days before you travel just to be on the safe side.

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