Inspiration for visiting Europe

Looking for reasons to visit Europe as a solo traveller? Look no further, we have put together a selection of articles to inspire you to explore the iconic sights and hidden delights of Europe.

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  1. Blue sea and golden sand on Portugal's coastline

    Top 10 reasons to discover Portugal

    Discover ten reasons why you need to visit Portugal as a solo traveller. From quaint towns to mouth-watering gastronomy, there's so much to discover here.

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  2. Danube River Cruise | Budapest

    Top 10 cities to visit as a solo traveller

    Famous landmarks and spectacular views, amazing architecture and magnificent palaces – there’s so much to see and do in Europe’s fabulous cities.

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  3. Mijas, Andalucia, Spain

    10 reasons to visit Andalucia

    Enjoy tapas with new friends, explore Alhambra Palace and embrace Spanish Culture - we share 10 reasons why Andalucia is worth a trip.

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  4. Valletta, Malta

    Reasons to visit Europe

    Europe is a diverse continent packed full of fascinating cities and spectacular scenic wonders. Here are just some of the reasons why you should visit

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  5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

    10 reasons to visit Croatia

    From dreamy days spent sailing on clear lakes to lazing on unspoiled beaches, discover 10 reasons why you need to visit this sun soaked Adriatic paradise.

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  6. Reykjavik, Iceland

    Epic Iceland

    From it's iconic volcanic landscapes, geothermal spas and quaint capital, there’s nowhere quite like Iceland.

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  7. Alhambra Palace, Spain

    The Story behind the Alhambra Palace

    We share a brief history and the story behind the Alhambra Palace from it's dominating fortress to its paradise gardens.

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  8. Walking in the countryside

    Let's get walking

    Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or novice stroller, the rewards of a walking holiday could be far greater than you ever anticipated.

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  9. Favourites Farmhouse In Tuscany

    10 reasons to visit Italy

    From the vineyards of Tuscany to Vatican City – here’s our pick of the finest experiences that Italy has to offer for solo travellers.

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  10. Athens, Greece

    24 Hours in Athens

    Heading to Athens? Take a look at some of the highlights you could experience as a solo traveller.

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  11. Reasons to visit spain

    5 Spanish cities you must visit

    A holiday in Spain doesn’t have to mean just baking on the beach. Make time for some of these wonderful cities and we promise you won’t regret it.

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  12. MV Eos, Croatia

    Hopping mad about Croatia

    There's no better way to discover the dizzying array of hugely varied delights Croatia has to offer than by taking to the sea on an island-hopping trip.

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  13. 5 Alternative Sights in Italy

    5 Alternative sights in Italy

    With more than 50 UNESCO listed sites - more than anywhere else on the planet, we take a look at five alternative sites that have the potential to me a major highlight

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  14. 24 hours in Prague

    Prague is bursting at the seams with things to see and do, here's how to spend 24 hours exploring the best of the city.

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  15. Solo Travel In Spain: The Ultimate Guide

    If you dream of visiting Spain and embracing the majestic scenery and vibrant culture, we’ve designed the ultimate guide for solo travel in Spain with you in mind.

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Get a taste of Europe

  1. How to make a Croatian Peka

    Traditionally cooked in an outdoor oven in Croatia, this hearty dish has been adapted into a delicious one-pot wonder.

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  2. Tastes of Tuscany, pasta and Tomatoes

    Tastes of Tuscany

    There are many reasons to visit Tuscany. Check out some of our favourite Tuscan foodie delights

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  3. Pot au Feu

    French Pot-au-Feu

    The culinary delights of France are many and varied. Try this simple recipe for pot-au-feu and create the flavours of a French kitchen in your very own home.

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  4. Pasteis de nata

    Pasteis de nata

    If you’ve been to Portugal, you’ve probably tasted one of these delicious little custard tarts. Now you can make them at home with our easy-to-follow recipe

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  5. Churros recipe

    Churros recipe

    Crispy sticks of fried dough tossed in sugar and smothered with chocolate – who can resist these delicious Spanish treats!

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  6. Limoncello recipe

    Limoncello recipe

    When life gives you lemons, why not have a go at making Limoncello, a famous Italian liqueur

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  7. Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Flavours of Croatia

    Wherever your travels take you in Croatia, local and seasonal specialities are sure to form a memorable part of your holiday, so here are some must-try dishes.

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  8. Chickpea Gazpacho

    Chickpea Gazpacho

    A twist on the chilled tomato-based soup from Andalucia, this version uses chickpeas to make it more filling.

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