Native Grill

As well as encouraging more travellers to stop at roadside craft cooperatives and artisan markets, Planeterra has partnered with the Native Grill, a DinéHózhó-supported food truck owned and run by the Littleboy family, just outside of Cameron, Arizona.

In addition to connecting the family with tourism operators, a grant provided by Planeterra supported the business in getting ready to welcome international travellers through the upgrade of the food trucks, provision of extra solar panels, hospitality training, and a seating area with shade to escape the heat while dining.

Just You customers will be able to stop by as part of the National Parks, Mount Rushmore and Little Bighorn tour to enjoy a snack and purchase handicrafts made by local artisans. There’s also the opportunity to learn more about the indigenous culture of the Diné, and what life is like in Navajo Nation today.

Native Grill also strives to cultivate seeds of capacity building, regional empowerment, and economic livelihoods that transition toward sustainable communities with an improved quality of life.

The community is currently working towards the creation of a corridor of locally-owned Diné businesses on one of the most travelled roads around this incredibly popular destination.


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