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USA Solo Holidays

Solo travel tours in the USA are an excellent way to experience the many delights of this diverse country. Some call America the ‘Land of Opportunity’, and Just You certainly offers that on its single holidays to the USA. However you see your time on Uncle Sam’s shores panning out, count on Just You to make it happen. From the nation’s strangest, most spectacular landmarks to its plethora of unique experiences (yellow cab rides in New York, literally all of Las Vegas, etc.), there’s always something ready to take your breath away. With so many cultures and traditions to be discovered here, your holiday to the USA promises to be unforgettable.

Just You has a wealth of hand-crafted single holidays to America that you’re sure to find appealing, whatever you’re into. Whether you’re a music fan looking to savour the smooth sounds of New Orleans jazz or you fancy yourself as a modern pioneer following in the footsteps of countless others in search of riches in the American West, we’ll have something that takes your fancy. In the USA, you’re sure to encounter many firsts, and Just You is determined to help you make the most of them. Enjoy your single holiday to the USA with us and cherish every moment in this beautiful, bountiful land.

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Featured USA Solo Escorted Tour Holidays

  1. Salt plains and hot lake, USA

    National Parks, Mount Rushmore and Little Big Horn

    On this thrilling holiday you'll explore the vast national parks, hear tales of the Wild West and visit the immense Grand Canyon.

    • Return flights
    • 15 nights in great quality hotels, 1 night in flight
    • 17 included meals: 15 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

    17 days from
    was £6,099
  2. America's Western Wonders

    This epic tour is full of incredible highlights as you visit iconic cities, explore the awesome Grand Canyon and drive along Route 66.

    • Return flights
    • 12 nights in great quality hotels, 1 night in flight
    • 14 included meals: 12 breakfasts and 2 dinners

    14 days from
    was £5,299
  3. Brooklyn Bridge at night, New York, USA

    New York City

    As you explore the city that never sleeps, from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, New York will exceed all your expectations. And in between discovering all the major city landmarks, there's time for a little shopping spree in NYC's famous department stores.

    • Return flights
    • 3 nights in a great hotel, 1 night in flight
    • 5 included meals: 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

    5 days from
    was £2,849

Read all about it... The USA

  1. American Beauty

    America is full of incredible sights - its no wonder people visit time and time again. We take a look at some of the highlights you can uncover on a trip to the West Coast USA.

  2. Memphis Happy Returns

    In 2019, Memphis marked its 200th anniversary and travel writer, E.McCabe shares why every traveller needs to visit Tennessee.

Frequently asked questions about solo guided holidays in the United States

What are the best tours for solo travellers in America?

From touring the vast national parks to the city lights of NYC - Just You has a great selection of guided holidays in the US that will help you tick off the boxes of any bucket list! You can journey along the Pacific Coast Highway or along the infamous Route 66 to see American Western Wonders or learn about the history of this great land in our Great Eastern USA tour; delve into Americas Music Heritage travelling from Nashville to New Orleans or delight in the mesmerising sights of New England in the Fall. The tricky part is choosing which tour to take first!!

How long is the flight to the United States?

Flights from London take about 8 hours to the East Coast of America and just over 11 hours to reach Los Angeles on the West Coast

What time zone is America in?
As North America is such a vast country (3,000 miles from coast to coast), the country spans 6 time zones.  It shares the main four time zones with Canada. Eastern Time , Central Time, Mountain Time and Pacific Time (Hawaii Time and Alaska Time are separate Time zones).
Please see below cities we fly into and their Time Zones
  • Boston, New York and Atlanta (Eastern Standard Time) - 5 hours behind GMT.
  • Chicago, Dallas and New Orleans (Central Standard Time) - 6 hours behind GMT.
  • Phoenix and Rapid City (Mountain Standard Time) - 7 hours behind GMT.
  • Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas (Pacific Standard Time) - 8 hours behind GMT.
What is the climate in the United States?

Being a huge country, the climate in the US varies depending on where you are visiting - and on a guided tour, that can be far and wide! However, in general, you can expect cold winters and warm (sometimes very hot) summers. Notable exceptions include the west coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where the climate is cool, the deserts which are mild in winter and scorching in summer and of course Alaska which has an Arctic tundra climate. 

What should I pack for a touring holiday in America?
Americans tend to dress casually, particularly in the warmer months.  We recommend checking the weather forecast a few days before you travel.
We recommend comfortable, lightweight clothing.  You may also find a cardigan or pullover useful for air-conditioned buildings and transportation. Comfortable shoes are a must as there can be a lot of walking involved on some excursions.
What is the food like in America?

Whilst being famous for the origin of fast food, America actually has an impressive variety of dishes widely available. Whilst traditional cuisine has been influenced by European, Mexican and Asian food, many regions in America also have a specific regional cuisine - deeply rooted in ethnic heritages, for example Cajun and Southern cuisine.

Some of our "must try's" include

  • Buffalo chicken wings
  • Tater tots (grated potato mini-balls)
  • Hot dogs
  • Apple pie
  • Barbeque ribs
  • Reuben Sandwich (corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut)
  • Grits
  • Meatloaf
  • Hamburger

One things for sure - you won't go hungry !!


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