Incredible experiences on solo holidays

All of our tours have been created with you, the solo traveller in mind. Every holiday is packed full of incredible experiences that you will share with your fellow travellers.

Below are a few of our favourite amazing moments that make you gasp out loud or laugh until you cry and remember fondly for years to come. 

  1. Chile

    Cruise to Magdalena Island and meet a colony of penguins. There are thought to be around 60,000 pairs here!

  2. Italy

    Stroll through fragrant citrus groves in Sorrento and learn how the famous liqueur, Limoncello, is made.

  3. Canada

    Look out for bears, moose, eagles and more on an incredible river safari through Grizzly Bear Valley.

  4. Costa Rica

    Find out about the traditional way to make chocolate with the indigenous Bribri people and enjoy a tasting of course!

  5. Uzbekistan

    ​Follow in the footsteps of ancient traders on our mesmerising Uzbekistan & The Silk Road tour. 

  6. South Africa

    The anticipation of what you're going to see on your daily game drive, and the excitement when you do spot one of the Big Five come into view will give you a buzz that you'll be talking about for years to come!