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North America Tour Destinations for Solo Travellers

North America is one of the most remarkable continents on this planet! From the white wilderness of Canada to the colourful coastlines of Costa Rica, everywhere you look there’s something new to take in and grab your attention. Counting the United States and the islands of the Caribbean Sea among its many nations, North America is well equipped to cater for visitors with numerous interests and passions. Whatever you enjoy doing the most it can provide, but at the same time, if you want a holiday where you’re constantly trying new things, this is the place for you. Visiting North America is about making the most of every opportunity, and now – thanks to Just You – this goal is more feasible than ever.

On your solo travels through North America, you’ll be treated to a whole new world (it got that nickname for a reason, after all!). Our North America tours have been hand-crafted to suit a wide range of travellers; whether you’re a nature lover or just a lover of all things beautiful that inspire awe, you won’t be disappointed. Feel like searching for polar bears in the summertime? We can make it happen. Fancy soaking up some winter sun in Saint Lucia? Say no more. Travel independently to North America with Just You and get ready for the time of your life!

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Featured Solo North America Holidays

North America Tour Destinations For Solo Travellers

  1. Sun shining over Jasper National Park Of Canada


    Canada is one of the world’s most remarkable countries, and it’s easy to see why; with scenery that feels both endless and enchanting, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you’d been transported to a winter wonderland. Of course, Canada’s cities are just as spectacular; pristine and pedestrian-friendly, this is a country fully prepared to welcome tourists and share its unrivalled beauty with the world.

    Discover Canada
  2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

    United States

    Solo travel tours in the USA are an excellent way to experience the many delights of this diverse country. Some call America the ‘Land of Opportunity’, and Just You certainly offers that on its single holidays to the USA. However you see your time on Uncle Sam’s shores panning out, count on Just You to make it happen. From the nation’s strangest, most spectacular landmarks to its plethora of unique experiences (yellow cab rides in New York, literally all of Las Vegas, etc.), there’s always something ready to take your breath away.

    Discover United States
  3. Colourful bird sitting on thin branch, Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is nothing short of a real-world paradise. The staggering amount of wildlife making its home within the country’s luscious tropical forests and among its flowing waterways and pristine beaches is simply mesmerising. It’s hard not to be entranced by the myriad wonders of this seductive country.

    Discover Costa Rica
  4. Cuban landscape, Cuba


    Fun and fascinating in equal measure, Cuba has been captivating travellers from all over the world for quite some time now. A sunny haven of salsa beats and fine cigars, this is the place to be when it comes to irresistible atmospheres and stunning attractions.

    Discover Cuba
  5. Orange and yellow Cathedral of Granada


    For a true taste of the tropics, there’s nowhere quite like Nicaragua. Relatively undiscovered and with more than its fair share of rainforests, exotic wildlife and intriguing culture, this is a country that brims with unique aspects just begging to be explored by solo adventurers.

    Discover Nicaragua
  6. A boat following a swimming Dolphin, St Lucia

    St. Lucia

    Home to geographic and cultural riches that take your breath away, the island nation of St. Lucia must be seen to be believed. Offering a breathtaking beauty that’s difficult to beat, this destination has been truly blessed by nature. A seamless blend of African, French, Indian, and English influences provide much insight into the island’s vast and versatile history.

    Discover St. Lucia

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  3. Sloth, Costa Rica

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