Your Stories

It is always fascinating to hear the tales of other travellers when they return from holiday and share their amazing experiences with you. We have put together some of the stories that our Just You customers have shared with us, hopefully they will inspire you to see more of the world to create your own story.

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  1. My Story: Sheila

    Sheila shares her travel stories and tips from Tuscany, Canada and New England.

  2. My Story : Angela

    Solo Traveller Angela Thomas returns from her 10th Just You Holiday, here she gives us her holiday highlights and shares some lovely photos. 

  1. Lake Como

    Mr Viner

    "The Lake Como tour was very enjoyable in all respects, and the Tour Manager enhanced things still further by going far more than the extra mile to ensure perfection. Her engagement and interaction with the group was superb. The tour itself was well-paced, with opportunities for free time and independent exploration, as well as some very interesting excursions."

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  2. Walking in Tuscany

    Ms Jolley

    "As this was the first time I had travelled alone, I was a little apprehensive. However, the travel arrangements, including transfer to and from airport, and the coach driver were excellent. Our two guides were very knowledgeable and patient, making my holiday in Tuscany one to remember. I will definitely book with Just You again when regulations permit."

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  3. Wonderful Crete

    Mrs Rigg

    "My last holiday abroad was with Just You to Crete. It was my sixth holiday travelling on my own with Just You and I can certainly recommend doing it as though nervous the first time, I found I had a wonderful time with like minded folk. I cannot wait to be able to browse their holidays again."

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    "I was extremely nervous, I hadn’t been on holiday since 1986! But everyone is in the same boat as you, and alone, you will make many new friendships and everyone looks after each other, no one gets left out, just Enjoy the experience"


    "We went out on a stargazing experience, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would look at the Andromeda Galaxy, what a marvellous highlight that was."

    Jan Clark has taken over 15 holidays with Just You, here she tells us why she loves to explore the world with us….


    "You won't regret it"

    Traveller, Roger Tull, achieved his lifelong dream of visiting South Africa and enjoying a full-on Kruger safari


    "I am not exaggerating when I say it is truly spectacular and a Winter Wonderland from start to finish"

    Traveller David Hanson, ventured to the Winter Rockies for an adventure – here he talks about his travels

  1. Rocky Mountaineer

    Mr Hyde

    "A Bucket List trip which was amazing, probably one of the best holidays I’ve ever had as a single person, my fellow travellers were just great fun, and our tour guide was simply the best, haven’t laughed so much for years."

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  2. Incredible India

    Mrs Dyball

    "My trip to India was fantastic. Everything is organised for you so you don’t have to worry about anything, just get up in the morning and get going. For me the highlights were seeing a wild tiger, and the Golden Temple at Amritsar. A dream fulfilled!"

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  3. New York, New York

    Mr Hall

    "I loved it. I'll never forget the dinner we had on the first day there and all the places we went to - central park, empire state building, central station as well, and went on the Hudson River to see the lady to name a few. I would love to go back."

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  1. My Story: Karen

    "If I had to pick one experience that really stands out above all others, it would be whale-watching in Cape Cod."

    With trips spanning Europe, North America and more, Karen, a Just You traveller, tells us about some of her memorable moments.

  2. My Story: Bob

    "I've travelled all over the world"

    Seasoned traveller Bob, tells us about why he chooses to travel with Just You.

"I have to admit, I was a bit unsure... Would I get on with the group? Would I be left on my own? But why did I ever worry? I had the time of my life! Everything was sorted, nothing was a problem. We shared some amazing experiences, I met so many wonderful people and we had such a laugh. Honestly, I would urge anyone to give it a go".

First time Just You customer Helen

"Every one of the 21 holidays I have taken with Just You, all over the world, over the past fifteen years, has been excellent and that is why I keep booking more. I do not need to go with any other company, as long as there are countries I want to visit. It was so good to be travelling again after two years of going nowhere during the COVID 19 epidemic. This holiday lived up to expectations and I have now booked two more for later in the year.They enable me to visit many different countries and cultures as part of a group of people of all different ages. As every aspect is taken care of to a high standard, I can relax and feel confident that I will have an excellent holiday" - Alan Jones