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When you think of Australia, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Sydney and the Opera House? Kangaroos and koala bears? Vegemite sandwiches and Men at Work blaring out of the radio (we know we’re guilty of this one!)? Whatever springs to mind, get ready to have your expectations completely overturned. Australia isn’t so much a country as it is a way of life. The sights you’ll see are beyond belief; in the morning, the Great Barrier Reef comes to life in a blaze of colour, and at sunset (and sunrise!) you'll have the privilege of watching Uluru change its colour from a rich burnt orange to a dramatic fiery red. If it’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty in Australia.

Love the thought of a solo adventure down under but want excursions and mealtimes to be a sociable affair? Here’s how you can have it all. At Just You, we believe in bringing like-minded solo travellers together – in fact, it’s at the very heart of our ethos! Which is why the Australia singles tours we offer are hand-crafted to suit a wide range of visitors, from wildlife enthusiasts to landmark lovers to culture vultures. With us, you’ll have as much time to explore the iconic sights of Australia’s major cities as you will to enjoy the swathes of sandy beach lining the enchanting East Coast. Tour Australia with Just You for an unforgettable adventure in one of the world’s most breath-taking countries!

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  1. The coast by Australia's Great Ocean Road
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    Australian Highlights

    ​Iconic cities, famous landmarks and natural wonders are yours to discover on an incredible journey from Sydney to Melbourne.

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