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Singles Holidays & Solo Tours to Canada

Canada Escorted Tours for Solo Travellers

Canada is one of the world’s most remarkable countries, and it’s easy to see why; with scenery that feels both endless and enchanting, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you’d been transported to a winter wonderland. Of course, Canada’s cities are just as spectacular; pristine and pedestrian-friendly, this is a country fully prepared to welcome tourists and share its unrivalled beauty with the world. Just You offers a varied selection of Canada escorted tours sure to delight intrepid solo travellers, particularly nature lovers looking to really embrace the great outdoors.

Throughout the year, Canada is ready to welcome you to its shores; if you want to get up close to beluga whales in summertime or would much prefer a trip by rail on the fabled Rocky Mountaineer during winter, now’s your chance! However you envision your singles holiday to Canada, count on Just You to make it a reality. Canada is a brilliant destination for solo travellers taking an opportunity to do some self-discovery. There’s no better way of getting back to nature than spending some quality time in among beautiful rural landscapes, which Canada has in abundance. And, of course, you’re sure to make a ton of newfound friends on your journey who are likely to share your passion for peace and tranquillity. Head to Canada with confidence on tour with Just You and discover all that’s beautiful about the Great White North!

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  1. Canada & The Rocky Mountaineer

    A spectacular journey on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train is the highlight of this incredible ultimate journey through Western Canada, from Calgary and sparkling Lake Louise to beautiful Vancouver.

    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in great quality hotels, 1 night in flight
    • 14 included meals: 10 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner

    12 days from
    was £6,899

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  1. Rocky Mountaineer - An Unforgettable Journey

    Any trip to Canada is incredible, but a journey on board the Rocky Mountaineer could be considered the icing on the cake. Not sure what can you expect to experience on your travels? Let us tell you....

  2. Go Wild for Canada's Wildlife

    From grizzly bears to beluga whales, Canada is the perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts to spot an array of animals in their natural habitat.

  3. Exploring Canada: East Vs West

    Will you explore wild spaces of western Canada or the culture-rich cities that sprinkle across the east? Let's take a look at what's on offer....

Frequently Asked Questions about Touring Holidays for Single Travellers Canada

What are the best tours for Single Travellers in Canada?

Our best-selling tour of Canada is Canada and the Rocky Mountaineer - not only does it cover so much of this epic country, travelling from Calgary to Vancouver - but it also gives our customers time on the Rocky Mountaineer - the iconic train that showcases the dramatic passing landscapes through panoramic domed windows and open air viewing platforms. 

Alternatively, if exploring the East Coast is on your wish list - look no further than the Eastern Wonders tour - packed with dazzling cities and natural wonders alike as you travel from Montreal to the incredible Niagara Falls.

Another hugely popular trip for singles is our autumn departure showcasing the ever-changing colours and hues of Canada and New England at its autumnal best - also including a visit to Niagara. 

What are the highlights of a solo tour in Canada

You can enjoy many experiences as a solo traveller in Canada - here are a few of our favourites

Banff - soaring mountains, crystal clear lakes and pristine wilderness await you in Canada’s first National Park. 

With the largest water flow rate of any waterfall in the world - the Niagara Falls is nothing less than a once in a life time experience to behold. 

The cities of Canada deserve a mention here too - world famous for offering their residents high quality of life, clean living and vibrant, thriving environments. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Quebec are places to behold.

What's the food like in Canada

Canadian cuisine has a variety of ingredients and styles - with many dishes imported from the two countries that occupied Canada over the years - France and England. Its star ingredient, maple syrup, is the flagship of the country and thanks to its vast territory, covered with green meadows and rivers, Canada enjoys very good meat and fish. 

Here are a few favourites of ours that we encourage you to try on your journey - 

1. Poutine  - the savory dish combines fries, cheese, and gravy and whilst founded in Quebec, is available nearly everywhere in Canada

2. Bannock - basically flatbread that comes in various shapes, it's a really popular Canadian snack

3. Butter tarts made out of flaky pastry crust with a creamy center consisting of sugar, egg, butter, and syrup. 

4. Tourtiere - a French-Canadian meat pie - a thick slice of meat, onions and savoury seasoning 

5. Montreal Bagels - poached in sweetened water for an insanely good flavour

What should I pack for a solo tour to Canada?

For all months of the year, we recommend layers of clothing. This will allow for any change in weather conditions. Although most of Canada can enjoy warm summer temperatures, one waterproof top is always useful for occasional rain.

March: Moderate temperatures. Winter clothing with some medium weight clothing.
April: Milder days but the evenings are cool. Medium weight clothing including a topcoat and umbrella is recommended.
May: Warm days but cool at night. Medium weight and summer clothing recommended.

June: Warm, summer clothing with some medium weight clothing for cool evenings. The weather in June is ideal for travel and all outdoor activities.
July/August: These are the warmest months of the year. Lightweight summer clothing is recommended.

September: Warm days and cool evenings. Light- to medium weight clothing recommended.
October: Cool, with the first frost in the air.
November: Cool to frosty. Medium- to heavyweight clothing is recommended. First signs of snow.
December/January/February: Winter temperatures. Winter clothing is necessary (eg overcoat, hat, boots and gloves). Heavy snowfall in most provinces.

In the winter months it is useful to take sunglasses with you as the reflection of the snow can be a strain on the eyes. Rubber soled shoes are also recommended.

What are the time zones in Canada?

As Canada is such a vast country (3,000 miles from coast to coast), it has been divided into time zones.

  • Toronto is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Montreal is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Calgary is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Banff is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Vancouver is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

From April to late October, Canada adopts ‘daylight saving time’, which is equivalent to our British Summer Time, so the time ratios remain the same between the two countries.

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