Canada Singles Holidays & Solo Tours

Escorted holidays to Canada designed exclusively for solo travellers


Canada, a destination synonymous with breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities, is an ideal choice for your next solo adventure. As one of the world's most picturesque countries, Canada offers a blend of endless, enchanting scenery and pedestrian-friendly urban experiences. It's a winter wonderland come alive, perfect for solo travellers seeking a memorable Canada holiday.


Just You specialises in crafting exceptional holidays and tours to Canada, catering specifically to solo travellers. Our tours are designed to immerse you in the great outdoors and showcase Canada's unrivalled beauty, perfect for nature enthusiasts.


Canada welcomes solo travellers throughout the year, from the early blooms of spring in the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island to scenic summer journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer. Whether you envision a tranquil retreat or an adventurous expedition, Just You is dedicated to turning your dream solo tour into a reality.

Canada holidays are perfect for solo travellers seeking self-discovery and a return to nature. The country's vast rural landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for peaceful exploration. On your solo tour with Just You, you'll not only connect with Canada's natural beauty but also meet like-minded travellers, forging new friendships in the tranquillity of this gentle giant of a country.

Embark on a solo tour to Canada with Just You and discover the allure of the Canadian adventures. Book your next single holiday to Canada and travel with confidence as you savour mouthwatering local flavours, incredible experiences and making lasting connections.


  • Natural Wonders
  • Vibrant Cities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Wildlife Watching

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  1. Canada & The Rocky Mountaineer

    A spectacular journey on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train is the highlight of this incredible ultimate journey through Western Canada, from Calgary and sparkling Lake Louise to beautiful Vancouver.

    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in great quality hotels, 1 night in flight
    • 14 included meals: 10 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner

    12 days from
    was £6,899

Read all about it.... more about Canada

  1. Go Wild for Canada's Wildlife

    From grizzly bears to beluga whales, Canada is the perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts to spot an array of animals in their natural habitat.

  2. Rocky Mountaineer - An Unforgettable Journey

    Any trip to Canada is incredible, but a journey on board the Rocky Mountaineer could be considered the icing on the cake. Not sure what can you expect to experience on your travels? Let us tell you....

  3. Exploring Canada: East Vs West

    Will you explore wild spaces of western Canada or the culture-rich cities that sprinkle across the east? Let's take a look at what's on offer....

Frequently Asked Questions about Touring Holidays for Single Travellers Canada

What are the best solo tours in Canada?

Experience the diversity of Canada with our top solo tours and singles holidays. Discover the majestic Rocky Mountains and the vibrant city of Vancouver.

What are the highlights of single holidays in Canada?

Canada's allure lies in its vast and varied landscapes. From the awe-inspiring Lake Louise to the tranquil Jasper National Park or the delightful atmosphere of Vancouver, each destination offers a unique mix of natural beauty, culture, and adventure. Canadian cities offer a high quality of life and vibrant, thriving environments.

Why visit Canada with Just You?

Choose Just You for an unforgettable Canadian experience. We specialise in crafting itineraries that cover Canada's most iconic destinations, including the Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, Jasper National Park and Vancouver, ensuring a comprehensive and authentic experience of Canada's diverse beauty.

What’s the best time of the year to visit Canada?

Canada's vast geography offers year-round travel possibilities. While Summer is great for hiking and city tours, you can also enjoy autumn's colourful foliage or spring's natural rejuvenation. Check our website to find out more about our tours.

Do I need a visa to travel to Canada?

Visa requirements for Canada vary by country. Many visitors, including the UK, require an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) or a visitor visa. Always check the latest visa requirements and entry guidelines for your nationality before planning your trip.

What is the currency used in Canada?

The Canadian Dollar (CAD) is the currency used across Canada.

What are the time zones in Canada?

Spanning 3,000 miles, Canada's vast expanse is divided into multiple time zones, essential knowledge for travellers.

  • Toronto and Montreal: These eastern cities are 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

  • Calgary and Banff: Located further west, both are 7 hours behind GMT.

  • Vancouver: On the Pacific coast, it's 8 hours behind GMT.

From April to late October, Canada observes daylight saving time, aligning with British Summer Time, keeping the time difference consistent with the UK.

What's the food like in Canada?

What’s the food like in Canada?

Canadian cuisine, enriched by its French and English heritage, is famous for its diverse ingredients and unique dishes. The country's culinary star, maple syrup, symbolises Canada's rich natural resources, including lush meadows and abundant waterways that yield excellent meat and fish. Traditional dishes include: 

  • Poutine: A quintessential Canadian dish, Poutine, originating from Quebec, combines crispy fries, cheese curds, and rich gravy, widely available across Canada.

  • Bannock: This versatile flatbread, a popular Canadian snack, comes in various shapes and is a staple in many households. 

  • Butter Tarts: A delightful dessert featuring a flaky pastry crust filled with a creamy mixture of sugar, egg, butter, and syrup.

  • Tourtiere: A French-Canadian delicacy, this meat pie is filled with a hearty mix of meat, onions, and savoury seasonings.

What should I pack for a solo tour to Canada?

For all months of the year, we recommend layers of clothing. This will allow for any change in weather conditions. Although most of Canada can enjoy warm summer temperatures, one waterproof top is always useful for occasional rain.

March: Moderate temperatures. Winter clothing with some medium weight clothing.

April: Milder days but the evenings are cool. Medium weight clothing including a topcoat and umbrella is recommended.

May: Warm days but cool at night. Medium weight and summer clothing recommended.

June: Warm, summer clothing with some medium weight clothing for cool evenings. The weather in June is ideal for travel and all outdoor activities.

July/August: These are the warmest months of the year. Lightweight summer clothing is recommended.

September: Warm days and cool evenings. Light- to medium weight clothing recommended.

October: Cool, with the first frost in the air.

November: Cool to frosty. Medium- to heavyweight clothing is recommended. First signs of snow.

December/January/February: Winter temperatures. Winter clothing is necessary (eg overcoat, hat, boots and gloves). Heavy snowfall in most provinces.

In the winter months it is useful to take sunglasses with you as the reflection of the snow can be a strain on the eyes. Rubber soled shoes are also recommended.

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