10 reasons to visit Italy

From the vineyards of Tuscany to Vatican City – here’s our pick of the finest experiences that Italy has to offer for solo travellers.

1 The 'Eternal City'

The timeless city of Rome is just bursting with incredible sites. The Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and more just ooze with history – and a guided tour really brings it all to life. Seek out the capital’s quieter corners and be sure to try the mouth-watering ice cream!

2 Quaint hilltop towns

Pastel-shaded houses tumbling down green hills, cobbled backstreets twisting off in all directions, cypress trees piercing the bluest skies – Italy’s countryside is dotted with idyllic hilltop retreats offering unmissable picture-perfect views.

Group eating ice-cream

Pisa, Italy

3 Must-see historic cities

Urban Italy is perfect for sightseeing and a burst of culture. Pisa, famous for its Leaning Tower, also has 20 historic churches, and Padua has retained its medieval charm thanks to its ancient university. Of course, the canals of Venice are hard to beat, and make it unlike any other city you will ever see.

4 Beautiful buildings

Andrea Palladio left a mighty mark on the Veneto region. The 16th century architect erected hundreds of gorgeous villas and palaces and, reviving the Greek and Roman styles, made an impact across Europe. Vicenza, home of his finest creations, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5 An abundance of art

Michelangelo, Botticelli and, of course, Da Vinci – Italy has produced some of the greatest artists in history. In the galleries of Florence art lovers can truly indulge themselves, but Venice and Rome also boast incredible collections.

6 Sparkling, azure waters

Italy has 4,720 miles of coastline, most of it spectacular. Sorrento is particularly impressive. Dine in a trattoria by the sea, enjoy a trip to the chic island of Capri, and gaze across the azure seas of the Amalfi Coast.

7 Vineyards and vino

The cellars of Tuscany are filled with some of Europe’s finest wines so it would be rude not to stop for a vineyard tasting session. If you journey along the lesser known White Wine Road in the Veneto region you’ll find yourself in the home of sparkling Prosecco.

8 Shop 'til you drop

From fashion to food, shopping in Italy is always world class. Browse the designer boutiques of Rome and Florence, snap up seaside styles in Sorrento or check out the chic shops around Lake Como. Plus, nearly every Italian town boasts a colourful market.

Florence, Italy

Lake Garda

9 Linger by lovely lakes

Lakes such as Como, Maggiore, Garda and Lugano provide some of the most inspiring vistas in Northern Italy. Skirted by tranquil forests, the lakeside towns offer relaxing retreats where boutique shopping, great food and relaxing drinks on terrace lookouts are always on the menu. 

10 Food, glorious food

From the succulent seafood of Naples to Tuscany’s rich vegetables and game, Italy is a gastronome’s delight. When you’re in the Veneto region try grappa – a glass of this fiery brandy heralding from Bassano is a wonderful way to end a meal.

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    Highlights of Tuscany

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