Unusual Pizzas From Around The World You Need to Try

When you think of pizza what springs to mind? Italian chefs tossing their dough to make a perfectly stretched base before scattering on an array of delicious toppings. Perhaps you're thinking of something closer to home and your local takeaway.... Well, travel the world and mention pizza and you'll be in for a surprise.

Italy – The Neapolitan

Ah, a classic! Made in Naples, this thin-crust pizza is typically layered with San Marzano tomatoes and delicious mozzarella cheese. Topped with basil leaves, it’s known to resemble the Italian flag. You can try an authentic slice on our Pompeii, Sorrento and the Bay of Naples tour

Japan – The Okonomiyaki

This tasty pizza is a far cry from the Italian classic. The recipe varies depending on which region of Japan you visit, but it usually includes cabbage, noodles, pork and squid! The toppings are layered and then fried with batter for the finished result. Try it for yourself on our Japan Revealed tour

Spain – The Coca

Coca means pizza in Spanish. This version is typically square rather than round and its thin crust is traditionally soaked in olive-oil. You’ll find all sorts of toppings on these pizzas, including mushrooms, anchovies, pine nuts and citrus rind. You can discover this tasty meal on a tour to Spain

India – The Paratha

These pizzas originated in the Indian subcontinent and are found in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. They’re typically made with whole wheat dough, and stuffed full of a variety of veggies, from boiled potatoes to paneer, cauliflower and greens. It’s baked in the oven until crispy and golden brown. Try this authentic food on our Spirit of India tour

Brazil – The Hearts of Palm

This Brazilian pizza is a twist on the classic Neapolitan. Still round, still thin and crispy but with very different toppings. Typically this will have a thick layer of cheese and shredded ham, along with corn, green peas and local hearts of palm to top it off. Give this one a try on our Chile, Argentina and Brazil tour

Iceland – The Banana

Banana on pizza?! Yep, in Iceland this is a popular topping. Unusual concoctions include banana and blue cheese and pineapple. Fancy trying something a little more exotic? You can discover this on our Icelandic Splendours tour

Sicily – The Sfincione

The Sicilians reinvented the classic round pizza with their square design. This is a simple but delicious pizza, topped with cheese and olive oil on a thin baked crust. Try this Italian classic on our Discover Sicily tour


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