Solo Travel in Europe: Best Destinations & Tips

Are you contemplating a lone voyage? Maybe you're an experienced globetrotter seeking new horizons to conquer. Either way, this guide will help you realise the potential of what European journeys have to offer as we delve into the best destinations for solo travel in Europe. 

At Just You, we offer a wide range of solo tours in exciting European destinations. Whether you dream of seeing the Northern Lights as part of our Splendours of Iceland Tour, or want to splash in secluded coves on our Croatian Island Explorer Tour, we have something for everyone. Prepare to pack your bags and set off into the enchanting nations that make up Europe for sojourns that will reveal their many built and natural wonders and aspects of yourself. 

Best Countries in Europe for Solo Travellers

Travelling solo is a remarkable way to explore the world as you choose, and Europe offers a huge range of fantastic destinations for solo wanderers. Whether you seek cultural immersion, the beauty of unspoilt nature, or historic wonders and UNESCO sites, the following countries, including Italy, Croatia, Iceland, Greece, Malta, Spain, France, and Norway, provide an array of experiences for solo travellers to relish.

1. Italy


Italy tops our list and stands unmatched when presenting the enduring appeal of cities like Naples, Rome, or Florence. Each is infused with history and charm around every corner. The Italians are renowned for their warm hospitality, making it an ideal destination for solo travellers. 

Explore the Highlights of Tuscany to see the rural heart of Italy, or enjoy a sun-soaked Amalfi Coast walking Tour. Don't hesitate to dine alone in a cosy trattoria where locals may share priceless advice about hidden gems often overlooked by tourists. Or dine with like-minded solo travellers in your group and share in the delight of this country's delectable cuisine. From the ancient ruins of Pompeii to the architectural treasures of Sorrento, Italy offers an unparalleled blend of history, culture, and mouthwatering flavours, ensuring that every solo traveller's journey is filled with unforgettable moments.

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2. Croatia


Your solo traveller’s map should definitely feature Croatia, a country whose beauty encompasses majestic waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park and the mediaeval walls of UNESCO-listed Dubrovnik, which you can experience with our Deluxe Dubrovnik & The Dalmatian Coast Tour. Croatia's coastal charm, dotted with pristine ports and historic towns, is ideal for singles eager to explore the picturesque Adriatic coastline with our Croatian Island Explorer Tour. The country is also well known for its warm hospitality, and each of these tours provides a perfect opportunity to connect with fellow travellers and friendly locals.

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3. Iceland

Blue Lagoon

How about heading to the compelling island nation of Iceland? Known for its distinctive topography, spectacular Northern Lights, and welcoming locals, Iceland is certainly one of the best places to travel solo. 

Embark on a thrilling drive along the famous Ring Road, exploring waterfalls, geysers, and black sand beaches. In the capital of Reykjavik, take pleasant strolls through colourful streets, visit the iconic Hallgrímskirkja church, or simply lose yourself in the atmospheric cityscape before stopping at a local cafe. Iceland's otherworldly landscapes provide a remarkable backdrop for introspection and exploration, and our Icelandic Splendours Tour helps you experience the best the country has to offer.

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4. Greece

Athens Guards

Greece offers enough historical artefacts and sun-kissed islands to engage any single traveller keen on learning more about Greek mythology, or the country’s appetising cuisine. Stroll through the architectural wonder that is Athens, where you can explore the Acropolis and other ancient ruins, as part of our Ancient Athens & Greek Islands Cruise. Alternatively, lose yourself in the serenity of islands like Santorini and Rhodes, where you can enjoy leisurely walks, explore charming villages, and savour authentic Greek flavours at local tavernas. Or, go walking in Crete to see the delightful countryside filled with wildflowers and lakes. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Greece makes it an excellent destination for solo travellers to create memorable experiences.

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5. Malta


Despite being a compact country, Malta's allure hinges on its potent mix of crystal-clear waters, historic architecture, and rich culture. This Mediterranean island gem presents an inviting ambience for solo travellers seeking an unforgettable European adventure on our Hidden Gems of Malta Tour. With a diverse array of significant sites such as Palazzo Parisio, natural wonders like the beautiful Blue Grotto, and charming mediaeval towns like Mdina, Malta offers ample opportunities for history buffs to delve into its captivating past. The warmth of the Maltese people, coupled with the stunning landscapes, makes it an ideal addition to your solo travel itinerary.

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6. Spain

Walking the Camino

Spain dances to the vibrant rhythms of flamenco, the flavours of paella, atmospheric towns, and the artistic legacy of geniuses like Dali and Picasso. Don't miss destinations like Malaga, and Seville, which offer stunning views, a distinctive ambience and opportunities to savour local wine and food. Spain's regions offer so much for solo travellers, and our Treasures of Andalucia Tour will enable you to get a succulent taste of this southern area with its whitewashed town and breathtaking panoramas. You can even hop on the Traditional Trains of the Pyrenees to see this mountainous area of the country. The Spanish lifestyle is incredibly lively, with many opportunities to engage with cheerful locals in light-hearted banter at tapas bars and cafes.

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7. France


France has repeatedly proven itself as one of the ultimate treasures for the solo traveller, with its rich tapestry of art, gastronomy, seductive rural landscapes and compelling urban areas. Venture southwards to tranquil surroundings among the lavender fields of picturesque Provence, where you can breathe in the fragrant air and admire the views, or head to the rugged coastlines and fashionable destinations of the French Riviera that have been a jet set magnet for decades. 

France's historical richness is evident in every corner, from the picturesque towns along the Seine, to the atmospheric towns on the coast. Enjoy a chateau weekend to indulge yourself in some Gallic grandeur, or try Cruising the Seine through Northern France, and enjoy this beautiful country at a gentle pace. With its style and cultural heritage, France provides an ideal backdrop for solo travellers to explore the nation while discovering themselves.

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8. Norway

Norway Huskies

Norway offers unforgettable escapades for those who revel in spectacular wilderness and want to know more about Scandi urban style. Whether you're cruising the breathtaking fjords near Bergen, travelling through the scenic Hardanger Valley, or exploring the capital of Oslo, Norway boasts abundant possibilities for solitary explorers, which you’ll find on our Enchanting Fjords & Charming Cities Tour. The Northern Lights dance across Arctic skies in winter, and the stunning beauty of the Norwegian expanses can be experienced as you move through its rugged landscapes. Enjoy a thrilling husky-driven sled ride across snowy terrain on our Norways Northen Lights and Huskies Adventure tour. For solo travellers, Norway provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and experience the serene allure of Scandinavia.

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10 Tips for Your Solo Trip in Europe

If you're gearing up for a solo travel journey across the European continent, you might be on the lookout for some handy advice. Here are some practical tips to ensure your trip is one to remember.

Research the itinerary

Having an overview of exactly what you really want to see and do can be highly beneficial. Our itinerary will include information on your planned activities but also include plenty of time for exploring on your own or with fellow travellers in your group. At Just You, our expert Holiday Directors are on hand to give local recommendations or suggestions for days at leisure.

Pack smart

As you gear up for your European holidays, make a smart packing list. Focus on packing versatile clothes that mix and match easily, choose travel-sized toiletries, pack medicines if needed and make sure electronic gadgets are accompanied by chargers and cables.

Stay open-minded

Embrace the concept of carpe diem. Sometimes it’s good to put rigid plans aside and open up to alluring tangents. Explore those narrow lanes leading towards intriguing squares or waterfronts, or try that exotic sauce. Staying open-minded while travelling solo can help you encounter a broader range of experiences. 

Engage with fellow travellers

Though a solo escapade may bring welcome solitude, don’t forget meeting fellow travellers can be another highlight of your adventure. Engaging in conversations with them might be a valuable way of sharing information about yet-undiscovered locations or a way to meet companions with similar interests.

Respect free time

Just because there’s so much to see doesn’t mean every second has to be packed with activities. Some downtime in between sightseeing tours can soothe your spirit before embarking on your next venture. With a Just You tour there is plenty of time planned in for relaxing at your hotel or exploring the local area.

Learn basic local phrases

Learning some basic phrases in the local language can ease communication with local communities, assist with navigation and add another dimension to your solo travel experience.

Capture memories

In between savouring all these wonderful moments, capture some for posterity. Pictures, journals or even souvenirs are reminders of your travels.

Stay safe

Safety should always be a priority. Prepare for your trip by doing some research, pack appropriately and take out suitable travel insurance. Make yourself a little first aid kit to deal with minor mishaps. Ensure you have emergency contacts noted down, and that someone has a copy of your itinerary.

Taste local cuisine

Finally, there's no better way to understand cultural nuances than to taste the food of each region. Try culinary delights, from Greek gyros to Italian ragu as each has flavours derived from local customs and history.

Just You Solo Travel Tours in Europe

Haven't you always wanted to embrace the liberty and excitement of solo travel? If so, Just You offers a selection of tailor-made solo travel tours throughout Europe. Our services combine comfort, safety, adventure, and authenticity that cater perfectly to the specific needs of individual travellers like yourself.

Our tours are designed exclusively for independent explorers who want to explore the world in the company of like-minded individuals. These expeditions span across every corner of Europe, from falling in love with Italy's charismatic past at Pompeii to diving deep into Croatia's charming islands, or awakening your senses during a cruise of the Rhone in France. We offer everything from walking tours to boat voyages, train journeys and city breaks.

Our professional Holiday Directors are carefully selected for their years of experience escorting solo travellers. They are masters of exploring each city or region, providing personalised recommendations catering directly to your unique preferences. Whether you wish to get lost amidst Greece’s ancient temples or savour Norway's picturesque landscapes, Just You offers excellent value and flexibility. 

We also guarantee single rooms for all customers eliminating any worries of additional costs usually associated with solo travel. While travelling with Just You, you can join group excursions and have meals together if you wish. However, if solitude seems more appealing then those tranquil moments are also respected.


Is Europe safe for solo travellers?

Yes, indeed. Europe primarily enjoys a reputation as one of the safest continents for single holidays and is home to some of the best places to solo travel. Most countries invest substantially in public safety and adhere strictly to laws ensuring visitor welfare.

How to stay safe when travelling solo in Europe?

Optimising your safety during alone travel in Europe depends on several measures. Tourism departments recommend:

  • Staying vigilant about surroundings and events
  • Avoiding shady or isolated areas, especially at night
  • Keeping valuable items concealed
  • Informing tour or accommodation providers about daily plans
What are the best European countries for solo travel?

In terms of comfort, affordability, heritage, accessibility and local hospitality, here are the top contenders:

  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • Malta

Whether it's roaming ancient ruins in Pompeii or surveying glacial landscapes in Iceland, there's an abundance of unique experiences waiting across every border.

What are the best solo travel destinations in Europe for women?

Europe has numerous ideal locations suiting female tourists who opt for travelling alone with cities like Florence (Italy), Seville (Spain), and Reykjavik (Iceland) ranking among favourites due to security, ideology and gender-balanced societies.

What are the best solo travel destinations in Europe for vegetarians?

Being vegetarian won't conflict with savouring delicious traditional dishes thanks to Europe's vast range of dietary options. Cities like Paris (France) and Florence (Italy) are foodie heavens buzzing with dedicated vegetarian and vegan outlets.