Where is Hot in September

September is a great time to venture to sunnier skies. Wondering where is hot in September? Escape the start of autumn with some of these sun-soaked destinations such as Namibia, Greece, Madeira, and Croatia

Why travel in September?

As the summer crowds wind down and tourists return to their home countries, many hot countries in September move into off-peak travel seasons, making them more cost-friendly.

When thinking about where is hot in September, many of the best hot destinations enjoy warm days, dry weather, and cooler evenings, making them ideal for relaxing strolls, wildlife spotting, and more.

The best hot destinations to go on holidays in September

Wondering where is hot in September? From exquisite islands to enchanting cities, we share some of our must-visit destinations below:

  • Santorini, Greece - 26°C

  • Lisbon, Portugal - 26°C

  • Malta - 28°C

  • Puglia, Italy - 27°C

  • Sicily, Italy - 27°C

  • Sardinia, Italy - 26°C

  • Croatia - 25°C

  • Athens, Greece - 28°C

  • Cilento Coast, italy - 26°C

  • Namibia, South Africa - 25°C

Intrigued to learn more about what country is hot in September? Read on to discover what you can expect from our top destinations. 

Santorini, Greece

Average September temperature: 26°C

Charming villages, stunning architecture, and sandy beaches paired with beautiful blue seas are just some of Santorini’s attractions. While busy in peak travel seasons, September sees the cobbled paths of the island become quieter. But that’s not to say that the activities wind down. In fact, September is perfect for exploring the streets between it’s iconic whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches.

As the summer sun cools, Santorini remains an ideal location when you're thinking about where is warm in September. With temperatures around 26 degrees, it’s an excellent time to visit. 

Explore Santorini, Paros, and Mykonos


Lisbon, Portugal


Average September temperature: 26 °C

Lisbon is not to be overlooked when thinking about where is warm in September. Known for delicious sweet treats, including Portugal's famous custard tarts pasteis de nata, and atmospheric streets, a trip to Lisbon in September is a fantastic option.

Feeling adventurous? Thanks to September's cooler climate of 26 degrees and little rainfall, it’s the optimal time to visit Lisbon's historic attractions as you wind through narrow medieval alleyways or admire UNESCO-listed Belem Tower without the swarm of tourists.

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a street of Malta

Average September temperature: 28°C

Located in the Mediterranean, Malta is one of the best hot countries in September, with temperatures remaining just below 30 degrees. So if you’re wondering where is hot in September, look no further.

In addition to embracing Malta’s culture and celebrating with locals, this hot weather makes it ideal for exploring the country's rich history, villages, and the Blue Grotto. This mesmerising natural wonder is a collection of sea caves on the southern coast of Malta. As you navigate through the tranquil turquoise waters in small traditional boats, you’ll be able to admire the vibrant hues and beautiful formations of the caves.

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Puglia, Italy

village in Puglia

Average September temperature: 27°C

Vineyards, ancient towns, and amphitheatres enriched by Italy’s history are all to be relished in Puglia in September. If you love meeting the locals, you could even take your leisure time to try your hand at grape harvesting and winemaking before exploring the weekly food markets.

Looking for somewhere to relax? There are plenty of stunning beaches on this historic Mediterranean coastline, perfect for exploring on quieter days. Temperatures remain just under 30 degrees in September. But if you’re thinking about where is hot in September, you’ll want to visit in the first few weeks before it starts getting cooler. Can't handle the heat? The weather is still fine through to early October for those who want things a little cooler on their autumn escape.

Discover the beauty of Puglia


Sicily, Italy

Taormina in Sicily

Average September temperature: 27°C

Located in southern Italy, Sicily is known for captivating villages and historic architecture.  But that’s not all. The Island of the Sun is also home to some of the best food Italy has to offer. Whether you’re exploring the ancient ruins or feasting on traditional dishes such as arancini and caponata, Sicily offers visitors a unique experience in September. 

During the day, you can expect to bask in the sun and enjoy weather reaching 27 degrees. Come evening, the weather feels cooler but remains warm. 

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Sardinia, Italy

Porto Cervo in Sardinia

Average September temperature: 26°C

Sardinia lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. With gorgeous temperatures as high as 26 degrees in September, there’s plenty to see and do.

From visiting Neptune's Caves of Alghero to discovering the archaeological site of Nuraghe Palmavera, Sardinia is a delight for adventure lovers. There are also plenty of other activities, such as strolling along the beachfront, shopping at farmers' markets, and even food and drink festivals. 

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Average September temperature: 25°C

From the historic beauty of Dubrovnik to the waterfront city of Split, Croatia is a compelling destination. National parks surround lively cities, for fantastic day trips. Depending on where you visit, beaches and crystal-clear water will be awaiting you. During off-peak seasons, they’ll also be quieter, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the tranquil sound of the sea. 

With plenty of September sun, Croatia enjoys temperatures of around 25 degrees, making it an ideal time to enjoy a city break or tour or splurge on an island cruise and enjoy the best of both worlds with stunning beaches and iconic cities just waiting to be explored.

Explore solo tours to Croatia


Athens, Greece


Average September temperature: 28°C

Immerse yourself in the history of Athens with a trip to one of its many museums and archaeological sites before enjoying views of the city from a rooftop bar in the evening.

With daytime temperatures of around 28 degrees, the Greek capital is delightful in September. A visit to Athens wouldn't be complete without visiting the iconic Acropolis. Sitting atop a rocky outcrop this is the city's crowning glory, basking in the sunlight above Athens this is definitely worth visiting as the temperatures start to cool off from the peak summer heat. 

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The Cilento Coast

Average September temperature: 28°C

The Cilento Coast is known for its incredible beauty, friendly atmosphere, and mouth-watering cuisine that's hard to resist. Whether on a tour or exploring the nearby Amalfi Coast, you’re sure to unwind as you stroll through archaeological ruins, quaint streets, and medieval towns full of history, Italian culture, and unforgettable views of a jewel-like sea.

Perfect for anyone looking to whisk themselves away for extra sun, the Cilento Coast experiences temperatures that can reach 30 degrees during the day before dropping to a pleasant 19 degrees in the evening.

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zebras in Namibia

Average September temperature: 25°C

The final entry into our guide to where is hot in September is Namibia.

Namibia is heaven for anyone hoping to combine the September sun with wildlife encounters and adventure. From exploring Etosha National Park, where you’re likely to spot lions, elephants, springboks, and zebras, to thrilling deserts and cities, temperatures will reach 25 degrees during the day in this part of southern Africa. 

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Explore more destinations

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What are the top hot destinations in September?

Italy, Greece, Africa, and Portugal are all among the top hot countries in September.

What are the key factors to consider when travelling to hot destinations in September?

When travelling to hot countries in September, you’ll need to keep in mind factors like the temperatures, appropriate clothing, and whether you’ll need any travel vaccinations.

What type of clothing should I pack for travelling to hot destinations in September?

Climates tend to be hotter during the day and cooler at night in some hot countries in September, so you’ll want to pack light clothing for daytime and warmer layers for night. Some hot destinations in September also experience rainfall, so waterproof clothing can be a good idea.

How can I stay safe while travelling to hot destinations in September?

Take precautions such as using sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. We also recommend investing in insect repellent to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Why should I consider travelling to hot destinations in September?

Travelling to hot countries in September can be a terrific choice. As September is towards the end of the peak travel season, you can expect fewer tourists and slightly cooler temperatures that are excellent for sightseeing.