Uganda - Gorillas In The Mist

Described as ‘the pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill, Uganda has been so named for good reason. As well as some of the most unique scenery and incredible wildlife encounters you’re ever likely to find – this landlocked African gem offers lots of authentic encounters that you’ll want to write home about.

Animal lovers and adventure seekers alike will be in their element in Uganda, here’s our recommended ways to see it all.


Positioned in the wilds of East Africa, this stunning itinerary across Uganda offers up versatile scenery, from the foothills of the mountains, volcanic craters and tropical rainforests; to swamps, grassy plains and enormous lakes.

Uganda is largely positioned on a plateau with mountains to the east and west. This diverse landscape makes it perfect for local families to make a livelihood from agricultural farming, including the production of tea, coffee and flowers amongst other produce.

Uganda Savannah

Uganda Hills


With ten national parks, you’re in for a treat with our Uganda Gorillas in the Mist Tour which will tick off four of these during the two-week tour.

Uganda is home to the big five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo), best spotted on a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Meanwhile it’s a case of getting out on foot for a walking safari to seek out the rare southern white rhino, which was reintroduced in Uganda back in 2005.

Did you know that there is a such thing as a tree-climbing lion? Nor did we, but seeing is believing and all will be revealed as you drive through Ishasha to visit your fourth National Park. These lions are unique to this part of the world so make sure you don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

You’ll also find giraffes, antelopes, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, mountain gorillas and the grey crowned crane – the latter of which also happens to be the national animal of Uganda, owing in part to Uganda’s notoriety as a haven for birdwatching. In fact, more than one thousand bird species have been recorded here, including the orange weaver and the African jacana.

Tree Climbing Lion in Uganda

One of the Big Five in Uganda


One of the most memorable highlights is the gorilla trekking through the lush Impenetrable Rainforest to track silverback mountain gorillas and watch them play, groom and feed in the wild. If you need more encouragement, this is one of just three places in the world where you can find these gentle giants. It can be quite a trek, but we’re told by many Just You customers that the journey is completely worth it.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to almost half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas which dramatically increases your chances of spotting them in their natural habitat. Situated on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and next to the Virunga National Park - the park measures 331 square kilometres and is only accessible on foot. 

If gorilla tracking isn't enough of an adventure, you'll also visit the lush rainforest of Kibale National Park - an ideal habitat for 13 different species of primate. Experience these playful animals first-hand as you embark on a chimpanzee trekking experience led by a knowledgeable expert.

Meanwhile the River Nile – one of the longest rivers in the world – passes through Uganda from Lake Bunyonyi (Africa’s second deepest lake allegedly) to Murchison Falls. Murchison Falls National Park is a great location to view the majestic river flow through the park, and there’s also a number of cascading waterfalls at the heart of the park.

For an alternative perspective, relax and unwind on a river cruise to view the waterfalls from below, while keeping your eyes peeled for basking crocodiles. You’ll also have another opportunity to get out on the water to spot hippos along the Kazinga Channel.

Sunset on the River Nile at Murchison Falls in Uganda

Uganda Gorilla


It’s often thought that to really get under the skin of a destination, it’s best discovered through its culture – the people, the customs, crafts and cuisine.

Halfway through your tour, you’ll visit a local market, Fort Portal to get a real taste of local life. Much of the fresh produce you observe on stalls will also feature in a traditional African Toora lunch which you’ll get to experience with a local Ugandan in their home. Your humble host is Tinka, who kindly invites you to his homestay to dine and share stories which form part of Ugandan culture and tradition.

Over in Lake Bunyonyi, spend a night at the Emburara Eco Farm Lodge – a peaceful property where the farm cares for a herd of long-horned Ankole cattle. As well as being dedicated to wildlife conservation, the lodge offers guests an interactive farm experience with the opportunity to learn more about your hosts while gathered around a campfire, followed by local dance and music performances.


Talking of food, in Uganda, you'll find an array of delicious and vibrant dishes, featuring a melting pot of influences from its homeland, France, the Netherlands, India, and Malaysia.

The national dish of Uganda is Matoke which consists of plantain bananas native to southwest Uganda.  Often steamed in plantain leaves and served with meat (traditionally beef stew), spices, onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes, beans and peanut sauce, you’ll spot interesting variations of this across Uganda.

Another option is Rolex – a popular street food snack considered one of the cheapest and tastiest meals in Uganda. An omelette is wrapped in a chapati, and filled with items such as carrot, bell pepper, onions, tomato and cabbage, it’s perfect for a quick bite on the go during your time at leisure.

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  1. I DID IT!

    Possibly my holiday of a lifetime - so far, at least! Uganda is a stunningly beautiful country with such friendly, helpful people. The variety and volume of wildlife we saw were amazing - my first-ever leopard in the wild was a dream come true for me, not to mention seeing rhinos at such close quarters and the chimpanzee and mountain gorilla tracking. – Sharon Toop


    Excellent trip, every day was filled with interesting sights, from local markets, visiting a Rhino sanctuary, riverboat trip, to see the wildlife, game reserves, and the ultimate trek to see the Silverback gorillas in their own habitat. Full on days, but worth every exhausting minute. Thank you, thank you to every single person involved in making this a trip of a lifetime. – T Marshall


    Visiting Uganda with Just You was a wonderful experience and a great and memorable adventure with such great scenery, wildlife, and the lovely Ugandan people. Seeing the mountain gorillas is a magical and unique experience. Grasp the opportunity of a lifetime, it will be very rewarding. – Mr Derek Guy