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Old-fashioned charm, quaint villages, towns dotted amongst flower-strewn countryside and fabulous beaches. Portugal is a wonderful retreat. Lisbon, with its rich cultural heritage, spreads from the coast to the rambling banks of the River Tagus. Famous for the production of port wine, Vila Nova de Gaia just outside Oporto should be top of your agenda if you enjoy a tipple! And for a taste of rural life, the Douro River, lined with rambling vineyards and almond trees, is a wonderful retreat.

Featured Portugal Single Traveller Tours


Departure from: Oct 2017

8 days from £1,229

Douro River Valley

Departure from: Jul 2018

8 days from £1,799

Hotel Barcelo Punta Umbria

Departure from: May 2018

8 days from £1,199


Departure from: Apr 2018

8 days from £1,479

Azores, Furnas Valley

Departure from: May 2018

8 days from £1,599


Departure from: Dec 2017

5 days from £1,049