Where is hot in May?

May falls at the end of spring and at the cusp of early summer, a time when nature's grandeur is unfolding in full splendour across the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the time when places like Italy, Greece, and Portugal bask in weather that is perfect for all kinds of activities. You can discover what these wonderful destinations have to offer while surrounded by blooming beauty.

Why travel in May?

May is synonymous with the blossoming of flowers, the warming caress of the sun, and the vibrancy of cities starting to bustle after the quieter winter months. The climate is comfortable in many countries, being neither too hot nor too cold, making it a perfect time for outdoor exploration, cultural immersion, and soaking in scenic vistas. There is also a range of countries with delightfully warm weather to enjoy.

The best hot destinations for holidays in May

May presents a rich variety of destinations, each characterised by unique geography, distinct culture and traditions, and the backdrop of fresh spring greenery. Some of the hottest places to travel in May include:

  • Morocco: 24°C

  • Borneo: 28°C

  • Malta: 22°C

  • Uzbekistan: 26°C



Average May Temperature: 22°C

Italy in May is a visual and cultural feast. The rolling vineyards of Tuscany are velvety with the fresh green of spring, and cities like Naples, Florence, and Pisa offer an atmospheric backdrop for exploring architectural marvels and art masterpieces. May's heat makes for the perfect ambience to stroll through the cobbled streets of Pompeii, Pisa is home to the The Leaning Tower - another iconic site to tick off your list, while Florence is a living museum encapsulating the incredible achievements of the Renaissance.

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Average May Temperature: 26°C

Visit Uzbekistan in May for a compelling journey through the heart of Central Asia, where a rich tapestry of history, culture, and majestic panoramas reveal themselves. The cities along the ancient Silk Road, such as Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, come alive in May with mild temperatures and sunny skies, providing the ideal conditions to explore their stunning architectural marvels. Samarkand's Registan Square, with its intricate turquoise-tiled mosques and madrassahs, glistens under the Uzbek sun, evoking the grandeur of the Timurid Empire.

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Hassan II

Average May Temperature: 24°C

Morocco, with its mix of Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences, is an enchanting destination in May. The bustling markets, historic medinas, and stunning palaces of cities like Marrakech and Fes take travellers on a journey to a different era. The Sahara Desert, with its golden dunes and starlit nights, provides a stark contrast to the country’s mountainous and coastal landscapes. Every spice, textile, and architectural marvel tells a story of a land where centuries-old tradition and modernity intertwine.

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Average May Temperature: 24°C

Greece in May is a haven for history enthusiasts, sun lovers, and foodies. Athens’ ancient ruins, like the Parthenon, whisper tales of a glorious past, while the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete beckon visitors into a world of azure waters, iconic architecture, and Mediterranean charm. Greek cuisine, featuring olives, feta, seafood, and delectable wines, offers a culinary journey that complements the visual and cultural experiences perfectly.

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Average May Temperature: 23°C

Turkey is a remarkable destination that offers an exceptional blend of East and West, of history, culture, and natural wonders. In May, the warm spring weather beckons travellers to explore Turkey's breathtaking contrasts, including the former Ottoman capital of Bursa. Istanbul, the mesmerising bridge between Europe and Asia, has awe-inspiring mosques, historic palaces, and bustling bazaars where you can haggle for treasures and savour mouthwatering street food. Exploring the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Troy takes you on a journey throughLol millennia of human history.

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Average May Temperature: 22°C

Portugal in May is a captivating blend of tradition and natural allure. The country's landscapes come alive with colour in the temperate weather, making it an ideal time to explore its many regions. Lisbon, the capital, boasts a charming mix of historic neighbourhoods and contemporary art and music, while Porto, with its colourful riverside buildings, invites you to taste its famous port wine and cruise the Douro River. The Algarve's rugged coastlines provide a serene change of pace, and the historic town of Sintra, with its fairy-tale palaces and lush forests, is like stepping into a storybook.

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Average May Temperature: 20°C

Peru is a country of astonishing variety, where each region offers something different to see and do, and Peru in May is delightfully warm as it marks the start of the dry season. The Amazon rainforest, which covers a significant portion of eastern Peru, is a lush and untamed wilderness teeming with biodiversity. Here, you can embark on jungle expeditions, spot exotic wildlife, and learn about Indigenous cultures that have thrived in harmony with nature for centuries. See the wonders of Machu Picchu, visit Lake Titicaca or coastal cities like Lima for a taste of modern Peruvian life, with their vibrant culinary scene and delicious dishes like ceviche.

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Average May Temperature: 28°C

Borneo in May is a sensory delight that envelops you in the wonders of nature and the Indigenous people who make it their home. The rainforests of Borneo teem with life during this time, as lush foliage and vibrant flora almost grow before your eyes under the tropical sun. Exploring the island's dense jungles provides an opportunity to encounter unique wildlife, from playful orangutans swinging through the treetops to colourful birds that fill the air with their calls. The traditional longhouses of the indigenous Dayak people offer a glimpse into the rich heritage of Borneo, with their intricate carvings and age-old customs.

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Average May Temperature: 22°C

Malta in May is a charming Mediterranean sunspot that captivates visitors with its historic allure and stunning coastal vistas. Malta comes alive in May, and the weather is perfect for exploring its compelling past while admiring the natural surroundings. The medieval streets of Valletta, the capital, take you on a journey through time with their grand architecture, stone fortifications, and intricate balconies adorned with colourful flowers. The azure waters surrounding Malta beckon travellers to visit charming fishing villages like Marsaxlokk, the Blue Grotto, or discover Mdina, considered to be the jewel of this welcoming island.

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Average May Temperature: 21°C

Croatia in May is a mesmerising blend of delightful scenery and cultural treasures that beckon travellers from around the world. The stunning Dalmatian coastline offers crystal-clear Adriatic waters and charming seaside destinations. May is the perfect time to explore Croatia's historic cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Dubrovnik's fortified Old Town and Diocletian's Palace in Split, as the weather is pleasantly warm without the summer crowds. Croatia's national parks, including Plitvice Lakes and Krka, showcase nature at its finest, with cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, and lush greenery.

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Explore more destinations

Want to explore more travel options for the spring? As well as these hot destinations, there are plenty of other exciting areas you can visit with our solo tours and singles holidays. Whether you’d like to tour Edinburgh’s historic buildings or go walking in Snowdonia, there are plenty of memorable experiences that you can enjoy in the UK. Or, if you fancy something more adventurous, you could cruise through the south of France. If you’re looking for a warm getaway in another month, there are also plenty of hot destinations that you can visit through June and July as well. All our tours are led by experienced guides, and our optional excursions mean that you can decide how you want to spend your holiday.


What are the top hot destinations in May?

Some of the must-see hot destinations in May include Italy, Morocco, Peru, and Greece, giving you plenty of variety if you’re looking for a sun-seeking holiday.

What are the key factors to consider when travelling to hot destinations in May?

It’s important to consider the weather of the area you’re planning to visit. Even in their hotter months, some countries might have rain or cold nights so be prepared with clothing that can be easily layered. You should also make sure that you pack all your essentials and get any vaccines that you need beforehand.

What type of clothing should I pack for travelling to hot destinations in May?

If you’re going on a hot holiday, be sure to pack lightweight clothing that will help you enjoy the warmth more. It’s also worth taking long-sleeved items of clothing and a hat and sunscreen to help protect you from the sun.

How can I stay safe while travelling to hot destinations in May?

It’s vital to protect yourself from the sun and heat when you travel to hot countries. You can do this by using sunblock, wearing a hat, and staying hydrated.

Why should I consider travelling to hot destinations in May?

Since May is before the school holidays, many destinations will be less crowded when you visit. It can also be warm but not too hot, providing temperatures perfect for exploring these destinations at your own pace. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful spring flowers at this time of year.