Yimsoo Farm, Mae Rim

Just You Cares, in association with Planeterra, brings a new addition to our Thailand tours in 2025 with a visit to the community project, Yimsoo Farm. The farm is committed to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities through tourism.

Yimsoo Farm is a vocational training centre created by the Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities (UFPD).

These communities in central and northern Thailand were previously unable to benefit from tourism due to a lack of support and confidence to host international travellers. In the past, the focus was on their disabilities rather than their strengths and resilient attitude.

Planeterra has played an important role in introducing UFPD onto the international stage, enriching travellers with the opportunity to better understand disabilities, while also showcasing the incredible work and achievements of these communities.

Today, members of the Yimsoo Farm community, like other UFPD projects in Thailand, have gained a renewed sense of confidence, while also earning an income from tourism.

The impact of tourism

Today, more than 80 people are directly and indirectly benefitting from Yimsoo Farm. In addition to this;

  • Staff are more empowered to make a positive impact on society as they feel more valued
  • Society's perception of people with disabilities have been positively transformed through better understanding

On our Thailand: A Land of Smiles tour, you will visit the project and learn all about the training and farming activities which take place here including hydroponic planting. There's also the opportunity to enjoy a traditional meal prepared by staff, and take part in craft activities that showcase the rich Lanna culture and traditions.

Lanna is a centuries-old melting pot of cultures and crafts from the north of Thailand, and traditionally reflects many of the beliefs of Buddhism. The resulting handicrafts are exquisite and reflect the prosperity of the region.

Serving as a beacon of hope for global communities, the organisation aspires to create more job opportunities for people with disabilities.


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Visit Yimsoo Farm on tour

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