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​This awesome adventure begins in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, then takes you on the cruise of a lifetime across Antarctica – the last continent virtually untouched by humans. You'll navigate the infamous Drake Passage and then have the unique chance to follow in the footsteps of polar explorers as you head ashore on this unspoiled wilderness. Immense glaciers and spectacular wildlife, from penguins and whales to albatrosses and petrels, will be amongst the many thrilling highlights of this unforgettable Antarctic expedition.​



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What's included

Just You Tour Manager as your host
Return flights from Heathrow with British Airways
2 nights in a 5-star hotel & 11 nights on board MS Midnatsol
35 meals: 13 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 12 dinners
Overseas transfers & other transportation
Specialist Local Guides & onboard guides

Included excursions

​Tour of Buenos Aires
Sailings through Drake Passage
Cross the Antarctic Convergence – a strip of the Southern Ocean which encircles Antarctica
See thousands of penguins & look out for whales
From your ship view spectacular icebergs which have broken off from glaciers & ice shelves, and admire the white continent's dramatic landscape of snow and ice
Board smaller Polarcirkel boats to get closer to your surroundings at numerous landing sites
Enjoy onboard presentations from Antarctica experts

Your itinerary

You will depart on your overnight flight to Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, today.​

On arrival in Buenos Aires, we'll transfer to our overnight hotel, and then set off on a sightseeing tour of this exciting city. Highlights include Plaza de Mayo, where the Casa Rosada is the focal point, and the colourful artists' colony, the La Boca District. We'll also see Recoleta cemetery, famous as the burial place of Eva Peron.
This evening we'll gather as a group and get to know one another better over a welcome drink.​

Our day starts with an early-morning flight to Ushuaia, where we'll join our ship, MS Midnatsol, and set sail for Antarctica. We'll meet the crew and expedition staff, who will outline our upcoming programme, and enjoy a special dinner to welcome us on board.

We're now heading into open waters, eventually navigating the famous Drake Passage, a deep waterway which was notorious among the early polar explorers. This is a voyage that few people get to experience and we'll cross the Antarctic Convergence, where the warm water from the north meets the cold, less salty water from the south. This makes the ocean rich in nutrients and home to an array of unique marine life. The passage is part of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, the only current that flows completely around the globe. Every second, up to 150 million cubic metres of water are transported from west to east here and conditions can be rough. However, the passage is often called the 'Drake Lake' and can also be placid – usually it's somewhere in the middle.

While we sail, why not pick up some tips from the onboard photographer, who will show you how to get the most from your camera once you're ashore. There will also be presentations by our Expedition Guides on the history and wildlife of Antarctica, and guidance for ensuring that nothing about our visit disturbs this vulnerable environment. Our aim is to leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures! 

Today we continue our crossing of Drake Passage, and as we sail there will be many more opportunities to attend lectures about the White Continent, which we will reach tomorrow. ​

We have now reached one of the most remote areas on Earth, and we'll spend the next six days exploring this awe-inspiring continent. Isolated from the rest of the world by ocean currents, Antarctica contains more than 90% of all the ice on the planet. There's actually very little snowfall here, but what there is never melts due to the extreme cold, and builds up to form sheets of ice more than 4,000 metres thick.
The only human habitation is in the various scientific research stations here, and vegetation is restricted to mosses, lichen and algae. However, the wildlife is prolific, with millions of penguins, whales and seals coming here to feed on fish and krill, and to breed. It is these magnificent creatures, as well as the exceptional landscape that we're here to see, and our itinerary from now on will be dictated to a certain extent by weather conditions. We'll attempt to land on several sites, and every day brings a host of thrilling possibilities. Climatic challenges may lead the captain to re-route, or at times we may stay longer in places to take advantage of great conditions.
Each evening we'll meet up with members of the expedition team in the onboard Nansen Science Center to recount the day's events and discuss the plans for tomorrow. ​

As you step ashore on this vast expanse of ice and snow you'll be following in the footsteps of great explorers such as Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott. Even on board the ship, the highlights are amazing, with the chance to spot whales in the waters surrounding us.
Half Moon Island is staggeringly photogenic and blessed with some of the most spectacular Antarctic scenery imaginable, and we hope to land here. Its creviced cliffs are home to a large colony of chinstrap penguins, Antarctic terns, kelp gulls, snowy sheathbills and Wilson's storm petrels. Several species of seals are also regular visitors to the island.
Depending on weather conditions, we may be able to hike to the Teniente Camara Station, an Argentine scientific research facility, and on to a viewpoint where we can look for whales in the bay facing the Bransfield Strait. Keep a lookout too for wandering albatross gliding overhead. With a massive wingspan of up to 3.5 metres, this bird spends most of its life on the wing, only returning to land to breed.​

An undoubted highlight of the South Shetland Islands, Deception Island is a distinctive ring-shaped volcanic caldera approximately seven miles in diameter. A portion of the caldera wall has collapsed and created a navigable opening into the flooded interior. The natural harbour inside the island includes Whalers Bay, home to an abandoned Norwegian whaling station known as Hektor and a derelict British base. Once on land, you can either stroll around at your own pace, or experienced hikers may join the expedition team for deeper exploration. There are various routes to choose from, all of them taking in spectacular scenery and a visit to a penguin colony.

Nestled in Andvord Bay, Neko Harbour is surrounded by the mountains and high glacier walls of the Antarctic Peninsula. Taking its name from a whaler anchored here in the early 1900s, this is one of the few places where we can set foot on the Antarctic mainland, and if we do, we'll see a colony of gentoo penguins.  ​

As we cruise keep a lookout for leopard seals snoozing on the ice. A great place to land is Cuverville Island, in the scenic Errera Channel. The shallow water between this and Danco Island often causes icebergs to become stuck here – a wonderful spectacle when it occurs. It is also home to one of the largest known colonies of chinstrap penguins. Early in the season the snow makes it difficult for the penguins to reach their nesting sites. Far from being put off by this, they simply carve out their own 'penguin motorways', which are visible as intricate networks in the vast expanse of white.​

During our final day of exploration we might see Yankee Harbour, used by early sealers as a base for operations. Today the spot is a favourite for weddell, crabeater, fur and elephant seals to haul themselves out of the water now the hunters have gone. There's also a large colony of gentoo penguins here, and look out for predatory skuas and whales coming to feed.​

We'll spend the next two days at sea as we leave Antarctica and make our way back to Ushuaia, crossing Drake Passage once more. Relax on deck taking in the sights, and make the most of the ship's excellent facilities. 

Enjoy the ship's facilities and the company of your fellow adventurers during another relaxing day at sea. ​​

​On arrival in Ushuaia this morning, we'll disembark the ship. We'll then transfer to the airport for our flight to Buenos Aires. We'll stay here overnight and get together for a farewell dinner this evening.​

You've some free time in Buenos Aires to explore this city further at your own pace. Later, we'll transfer you to the airport for your overnight flight back to the UK.​

​You'll arrive in the UK today.​


The Emperador is a 5* hotel located centrally in Buenos Aires. The hotel’s Terras del Museo offer’s the relaxing setting of a beautifully landscaped garden and a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Further to the Terras del Museo area, the hotel has a restaurant and Bar - Oliver’s bar will feel familiar with its English pub-style ambience.
MS Midnatsol boasts a strong environmental profile and a modern design. The interior’s bright, colourful décor is inspired by the warm, sunny climate – a motif also reflected in the many pieces of Norwegian modern art on display. On deck 9 you’ll find the sun deck and a hot tub. Key qualities of the MS Midnatsol include the large, two story panorama lounge above the bow, and the large glass expanses that allow natural light to enter, while providing extraordinary views. Other facilities on board include restaurant, a la carte restaurant, café, library, lecture theatre, shop, sauna and fitness room. MS Midnatsol is an ice class 1C ship and equipped with advanced technology, making her very well suited for expedition voyages in Antarctica. Shore landings will be made with Polarcirkel boats. Wind and water resistant jackets will also be provided.
The Emperador is a 5* hotel located centrally in Buenos Aires. The hotel’s Terras del Museo offer’s the relaxing setting of a beautifully landscaped garden and a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Further to the Terras del Museo area, the hotel has a restaurant and Bar - Oliver’s bar will feel familiar with its English pub-style ambience.

Emperador Hotel

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