Our Just You Cares programme gives a little bit back to the
communities we visit by supporting worthwhile initiatives across the world.

In Umbria & Assisi, we’re proud to work with an organic farm which promotes the importance of healthy eating amongst children. They also work with disadvantaged young people, helping them to rebuild their lives through farming. Here we take a closer look at the work they do.
Since the Second World War, the increased popularity of bread and pasta has led to a change in harvesting methods and the type of grain used to produce the flour from which these items are produced. The new, refined flour has a higher content of gluten, which is thought to be contributing to an increase in the number of people with food intolerances.

The farm we support celebrates a return to heritage seeds and all-natural farming techniques. They teach children about the benefits of healthy eating and organic farming, and regularly provide organic produce to local schools.

In a separate project, the farm works with disadvantaged young people between the ages of 14 and 21. They create personalised education plans and provide opportunities for the youngsters to participate in farming activities from sowing to harvesting. They learn how to care for bees, make flour and bake bread, and on completion of their training, are given the chance to work at the farm.

During our Umbria & Assisi tour, you will visit the farm and learn more about the projects they are involved in. You will also have a chance to roll up your sleeves and take part in a bread-making lesson before enjoying a delicious lunch of organic produce.

Isn’t it great that through something as wonderful
as travel we can all help to make lives better?
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