Unmissable experiences in unforgettable destinations

Visit exciting destinations all over the world

We’re always on the lookout for fabulous places to add to our holiday selection, searching across the UK, Europe and worldwide for the most tempting destinations. New for 2016 we head to hotspots such as Bordeaux and Verona, as well as lesser-visited Burma and Belize. We visit many amazing countries, from picturesque Italy and beautiful Croatia to exciting America and amazing Australia – a diverse range designed to suit every taste. And for a true trip of a lifetime, we now offer a 30-day round-the-world trip – an epic adventure!

Choose from a diverse range of holidays

Everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday is different, and that’s why we offer a diverse range of holiday categories. If seeing somewhere new every few days sounds like your kind of thing, a Tour holiday will be ideal. If you want to explore the world while experiencing some exciting activities along the way, try our Active holidays. Want to see something out of the ordinary? Perhaps you’ll pick an Explore holiday. For relaxation in idyllic surroundings, look to our Escape range. And for a quick burst of culture, choose one of our City breaks.

Exceptional Tour Managers are the perfect hosts

We’re really proud of our Tour Managers. No matter where in the world you decide to go, their knowledge of their patch is sure to bring each destination to life. Whether you choose a full-on Tour or a laid-back Escape holiday, they will be on hand to show you the best places to eat and lead you to cultural hotspots and hidden gems that many travellers never see. Together with our experienced Local Guides, they will make it their mission to help you get the most out of your holiday.

Enjoy unforgettable experiences

Our itineraries include plenty of unique opportunities, bringing you face to face with the distinctive natural wonders and cultural quirks that make each place special. We also include authentic experiences so you can immerse yourself in the ‘real’ destination. A wagon ride into the Arizona desert for a hearty western cookout, sipping champagne as you watch the sun set over Ayers Rock in Australia and a thrilling husky dog ride in the Norwegian wilderness are just some examples.

Shape your holiday

We include a range of excursions to help you get the most out of every destination, but nothing is compulsory so you can opt in or out as you please. To give you further flexibility, we also offer a range of optional excursions, and some holidays give you the chance to discover more about a fascinating destination with an extended stay option. These are highlighted on the page where available. Check out our special departures, too, which are also featured on the page and offer the chance to do something a little differently from the regular itinerary.

Enhance your experience

Our Vox radio guides are proving a massive hit. Many of our Tour Managers now use this handy system to deliver their talks, so you can hear every word when you join them on your exciting excursions. The devices are light-weight and so easy to use, with your Tour Manager’s words relayed via single-use earpieces, also suitable for use by those wearing a hearing aid. This leaves you free to enjoy your experience while learning about your destination, whether you’re in a quiet church or a busy street.