Ten tips for packing perfection

Don’t over-pack. Lay all your chosen items out on the bed, then discard about a third. A few well-chosen accessories can add variety to outfits and transform them from day to night.

Save on space by placing rolled underwear inside shoes. This also helps to keep your shoes in perfect shape.

Remember to leave some space in your suitcase for all those must-have souvenirs of your holiday destination.

Rather than taking full-size toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser etc, decant them into small reusable bottles. As soon as you get home, replenish them, then you’re ready for your next trip!

If you’re touring and won’t have time to completely unpack, place your clothing according to each day of your itinerary, with the first day’s clothing on top, and the final day on the bottom.

Rolling rather than folding some items of clothing will reduce the chances of creasing.

All your gadgets will need a charger, so keep them all in one easy-to-find pouch, and remember your travel adaptor plug.

Pack your favourite tea bags or coffee – there’s nothing better than a cuppa after a long day in the comfort of your room.

Remember to put all sharp items, including nail clippers and tweezers in your suitcase, not in your hand luggage.

Don’t put essential medicines or important documents in your suitcase, even if you don’t need them until you reach your destination. If your suitcase goes missing you’ll be lost without them.