Some of the Just You team got the opportunity to join some of our travellers on a Just You ski holiday - here’s what they said about the experience...

Skiing brings people together

There is no doubt about it, skiing brings people together and creates an immediate bond – so it’s a great holiday choice for solo travellers. On the first day we were let loose on the piste, we all just scattered and skied how and where we wanted. After we’d had a giggle about our different ski styles, we slowly started to get our legs back and came together like a well-oiled machine. It wasn’t long before we were creating a ski snake down the hillside!

Everyone met up for lunch

It was great to all meet up for lunch on the first day. With our aching legs and bruised bottoms, we enjoyed a hearty meal of local specialities, and in no time at all we were excitedly planning our afternoon of skiing.

The buzz around the table was infectious

Apart from the skiing, the highlight of the week was definitely the evening of day 2. We sat down together for dinner and the other people in the restaurant would never have known that we had only just met. The noise and buzz around the table was infectious as everyone chatted as if they were old friends.

A gluewein to soothe our tired muscles

On most days our party split up into groups of similar skiing ability. We’d all head off our own way, but it was fab to know that by 4.15pm, we’d all be back together in Bar Boe catching up on the day’s events and enjoying a gluewein to soothe our tired muscles. The bar staff knew we were coming, and by the end of the week they felt like part of our gang!

Laid-back après ski

It has to be said, most evenings we didn’t even bother going out of the hotel. We found it easier, and just as much fun, to sit in the snug bar and chat. There was gentle music playing in the background and a cosy open fire in the lounge.

Our brilliant Ski Tour Manager

Thank heavens for our brilliant Ski Tour Manager! She was full of energy, had a real passion for skiing, and was the life and soul of the party with her totally infectious laugh! Somehow, she managed to organise, chat and keep control of the group - incredible!

Skiing with the Local Ski Guide

Having a Local Ski Guide was great and meant we could all ski together as a group. It was really good to have someone with us who was born and bred in the mountains and knew every nook and cranny. Of course, we were all very envious of their ski style, knowledge and good looks. Let’s face it, has anyone met a ski guide, male or female, who isn’t pleasing to the eye?!

The very best solo ski experience

After our week together on the slopes, our group had become an almost inseparable team. Close friendships had been forged – sometimes as a result of helping each other through a challenge and sometimes from sharing the experience of gliding through incredible scenery in a hidden valley.


Just You Ski holidays are designed for anyone with a passion for the mountains, a passion for skiing and a passion for meeting new friends. Why not come and join us!