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Promising diverse cultures, mysterious Egyptian ruins and mind-boggling pyramids, Africa is an inspirational continent. With mesmerising destinations ranging from heady Morocco to stunning Namibia, any adventure here will leave you with truly unforgettable travelling tales. Meet the animals that capture the world’s imagination, take a road trip along South Africa’s incredible coastline, sink your toes into silky sands – whichever aspect of this giant continent you long to experience, it will be unforgettable.


Nothing short of awesome, Antarctica is a beautiful white wilderness of frozen landscapes, floating icebergs and fascinating wildlife. Here, in possibly the most remote and empty place on earth, you’ll have a chance to meet huge colonies of penguins and spot majestic whales as they leap through the water. Explore ice forms and glaciers or simply soak up the breathtaking scenery – however you spend your days, Antarctica is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Shimmering with warmth and moving at an unfathomable pace, Asia is a continent that oozes magic and epitomises the exotic. Unrivalled architecture - India’s Taj Mahal. Masses of natural wonders – the Himalayas, Dead Sea and Mekong Delta. Ancient treasures – China’s Great Wall and mesmerising Terracotta Army. Cities that burst with colour and excitement. Communities that are nurtured by age-old traditions. Asia is vast - literally and culturally - prepare to be blown away by its splendour.


A cacophony of cultures, swathes of history, beautiful landscapes - Europe is diverse and ever-changing. No matter how much of this jam-packed continent you’ve seen, there’s always something new around the corner. Towns as old as the hills, natural phenomena to whisk up your imagination, sophisticated cities and rugged mountain ranges. Globally-desired art, cultures of the world, delicious flavoursome food and wines of distinction. Europe is a continent no other can match.


A grand continent of open plains and parched deserts knitted together by iconic cities, extraordinary towns and history that stretches back through the ages. From the crashing falls of Niagara and the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Beaches with presence and the uplifting vibes of the south. Mexico’s spicy soul, Costa Rica’s luscious greenery, Peru’s mysterious jewels and Cuba’s intoxicating rhythms. North America really is the land of plenty.


Intriguing, mysterious, overflowing with wonders and bursting with treats. A vast red desert carpets Australia’s centre while the coastline shimmers and marvellous manmade wonders and unique wildlife make the country unforgettable. New Zealand’s natural marvels - thermal springs, craggy peaks and gleaming glaciers draw interest and intrigue from around the world. And rising from the expanse of the ocean are tight-knit communities nestled on the Cook Islands and Fiji where families live fulfilling lives and visitors can experience a truly exceptional slice of paradise.


Brazil’s colourful rhythms, Argentina’s elegance and style, the mysteries of the Amazon and the wondrous peaks of the Andes, South America is a sensational continent. Feel the beats of the tango, samba and salsa ring through your soul. Savour delicious, traditional food and famous wines. Stand face to face with iconic landmarks. Admire nature’s best at the astonishing Iguaçú Falls. Gaze into the depths of the rainforest as you float along the Amazon River.

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