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Elegant cafés, freshly-baked goodies and glamorous boutiques. Delicious food and glorious wines. From Paris, the city of romance, to regions with individual traditions. Art in abundance and history in swathes. France is a cultural hotspot. There’s the bright and breezy west coast; the rustic charm of Brittany; Alsace in the east; the Cote d’Azur and slow-paced Provence. Wine-lovers will be in heaven whether plumping for a chablis, riesling or champagne and for food lovers - where should we begin!

Featured France Singles Holidays


Departure from: May 2017

6 days from £899

Chateau de Chantilly

Departure from: Apr 2017

4 days from £579

Montmartre, Paris

Departure from: May 2017

4 days from £569

Lille, France

Departure from: Apr 2017

4 days from £499


Departure from: Apr 2017

6 days from £1,179

Monte Carlo

Departure from: Apr 2017

8 days from £1,029