JY European and Worldwide May 2019 (JN05A19)

Our collection of European and worldwide holidays has been designed exclusively for solo travellers. From short breaks to epic journeys, come with us to discover fascinating cities, spectacular scenery and fabulous sights in great company.

JY Festive April 2019 (JN04A19)

No matter how you like to spend the festive season, our collection of holidays features something for everyone. From the UK to Switzerland, a river cruise to an epic Antarctic voyage, the choice – and what a choice it is – is all yours!

JY Asia Brochure June 2019 (JN06A19)

Asia is like no place you’ve ever been before. The world’s largest continent is ripe for exploration, with historical treasures, renowned religious sites, sublime landscapes and wow moments at every turn. Unearth ancient civilisations, discover mysterious cultures, feast on aromatic cuisines and look out for thrilling wildlife amongst its jungles and in its oceans. If you want unforgettable experiences and moments to cherish, that’s what you’ll get when you head east with us.

JY Italy Collection March 2019 (JN03A19)

From lakes and mountains in the north, to sun-soaked beaches in the south, Italy is packed full of beautiful cities, historical sites, rural villages and spectacular natural scenery. In this charming, captivating land you can discover traditional Trulli houses in Puglia, stroll through a maze of off-the-beaten-track alleyways in Venice or learn how to prepare a traditional lunch in Tuscany – the possibilities are endless!

JY USA and Canada March 2019 (JN03B19)

Topping the list of the adventurous traveller, the USA and Canada are awesome destinations where there is so much to see and do. Explore huge swathes of wide-open land, gaze upon iconic landmarks you’ve always dreamed of visiting and view incredible wildlife. Don’t wait any longer, book your trip today!

JY Rivers Brochure March 2019 (JR03B19)

Our wonderful collection of river cruises offers you the chance to sail the waterways of Europe in style. Step ashore to discover the delights of historic towns and idyllic countryside in destinations as diverse as Venice and Moscow, and stay in comfort aboard an elegant floating hotel. That’s the real beauty of a river cruise, you’ll unpack just once, yet you’ll discover a new place every day or so as the world quite simply comes to you.

JY Inspirations June 2019 (JP06A19)

The latest edition of Inspirations magazine. From our Travel Ambassador Claire Sweeney to Just You traveller Roger, real-life tales are sure to inspire you to discover the world with us. We reveal some of Italy’s lesser-known sights and tell you exactly why finding the ‘lost city’ of Petra is a must.