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Do you charge a single room supplement?

No, you will never pay a single supplement. Our prices are based on sole occupancy of a single room.

How many people will be in my group?

On average, we have about 20-30 people in a group but this varies depending on the tour. Some holidays may be for 10 people or fewer, while others may be for 40 or more.

What is the age range of Just You customers?

Your group could include people in their early 30s or their late 80s and everything in between. The majority of our customers are in their 50s and 60s but it really doesn't matter how old you are - if you are interested in seeing new places and meeting new people, you will enjoy a Just You holiday.

Will there be more women than men?

On average, there will be around two or three women to each man. Sometimes the balance will be more equal, sometimes less so.

Can two people travel together?

Although the vast majority of our customers travel alone, some people do travel with a friend - usually someone they have met on a previous trip.

Is Just You a dating agency?

Definitely not. Our holidays allow single travellers to enjoy taking holidays to destinations around the world with like-minded people. A significant number of Just You customers are either married or in a stable relationship but for various reasons choose to go on holiday by themselves.

How can I be sure Just You is right for me?

Take a look at our online Community to see what other people are saying about Just You and our holidays. If you would like to try a short Just You break before you commit to a longer holiday, why not try one of our Discovery Weekends.

Why are there fewer holidays in July and August?

This is due to the higher costs of accommodation and flights in the peak summer months, as well as the much higher temperatures, which many customers find uncomfortable. We try to add as many dates in these periods as we can.

Booking your holiday

How do I book?

Online: The simplest and quickest way to book is online. Once you've chosen your holiday, the on-screen instructions will guide you through the process and help you complete your booking.

By phone: Call us on 0844 567 8844 and speak to one our holiday advisors, who will take care of your booking and answer any questions you may have. (Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5.30pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm. A telephone answering service is available outside office hours. Calls may be recorded to ensure a high level of customer service.)

How can I pay for my holiday?

If you book online or by phone, you can make a payment by credit or debit card. Once your holiday has been booked and a deposit paid, we can collect the final balance automatically, 10 weeks before departure. We accept various methods of payment and there is no charge for paying by debit card. Please note: a 2.0% handling fee will be charged on all payments by credit / charge card and a £10 Administration Fee is made for any payments received by cheque.

Is Just You a member of ABTA and is it ATOL-bonded?

If your holiday includes a flight departing from (or returning to) a UK airport, your holiday will be operated by Page & Moy Travel Group Air Holidays Limited (Company number: 01329030). These holidays are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority (ATOL number 1091). Page & Moy Travel Group Air Holidays Limited is also a member of ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents Ltd), ABTA number: V5874. For any holiday which does not include a flight, your holiday will be operated by Page &Moy Travel Group Surface Holidays Limited (Company number: 01151142). These holidays are protected by ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents Limited). ABTA number V6345.

What is the ATOL protection charge?

This charge is compulsory and included in the price for all holidays by air. It means that your booking is secure in the unlikely event of anything happening to Page and Moy Travel Group Air Holidays Limited (ATOL 1091). You will be refunded if yet to travel, or flown home if you are away on holiday. At the moment, this levy is £2.50.

Is your website safe and secure?

Yes. Using your card to make purchases via our website is a secure way to pay for your holiday, and is as safe as booking through our telephone sales system. All sensitive information, including personal details and debit/credit card information, is kept confidential through the use of our secure server software. This means that information can only be exchanged between you and Page & Moy Travel Group. No third party can access this data.

All historical information regarding card, name and address details is held on a secure computer. We do not retain live records of customers' personal details or credit card information on our web servers after the transaction has been completed, so you will need to enter your details each time you book online.

We are a member of ABTA and abide by its Code of Practice. Credit/debit card payments will be automatically encrypted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This technology ensures that your credit/debit card numbers are not accessible by unauthorised persons and are as safe as possible. This means the credit and debit card numbers are securely processed into code when sent to us. Only the scrambled encoded data is then sent over the internet, which Page & Moy receives and decodes.

Furthermore, as required by the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access.

Do you organise group bookings?

Yes. If you are organising a trip for a group of 10 or more people, visit or call 0845 758 5007 to speak to one of our dedicated group advisors. A number of benefits are available if you are making a group booking.

When will I need to pay my remaining balance?

The remaining balance is due 12 weeks before your departure date. We will send you a reminder two weeks before this date.

Getting ready for your holiday

How up-to-date should my passport be?

Requirements vary depending on the holiday but you will usually need a passport that is valid for at least another six months at the time of departure.

Will I need a visa?

Visas are required by some countries and may incur an extra charge. More details about visas can be found on the Passports & Visas page within the holiday info on the website or within the general information pages of every brochure. Please check carefully whether you will need a visa as we cannot accept responsibility if your holiday has to be cancelled because a visa has not been issued. In many cases we can arrange a visa for you.

What climate and temperature can I expect on my holiday?

For advice on climate and temperatures around the world, we recommend visiting the BBC weather pages.

What clothes should I pack?

This will depend on which destination you are visiting and the time of year you are going. Check online weather guides to get an idea of the temperature and likelihood of rain, and pack appropriately. Wherever you are going, it's always a good idea to pack something warm (a jacket or jumper) and something waterproof, just in case.

Will I need any vaccinations for my holiday?

Our holiday advisors are not medically trained, so we are unable to advise you about vaccinations. Please contact your GP or practice nurse, as they will be able to advise on any vaccinations that may be necessary.

What currency should I use and what is the latest exchange rate?

For details of all national currencies and the latest exchange rates, we recommend visiting

When will I receive my final tickets and information?

Information covering your flights, hotels and itinerary will be sent to you around 14 days before your departure date. If your flight tickets are e-tickets, you will receive a reference number at this time.

Can I pre-book my seat on the aircraft?

Seats cannot usually be pre-booked but we can request an aisle seat or window seat. We cannot guarantee your request will be met by the airline.

How do I get to the airport?

Just You customers make their own way to the airport but you can book a taxi service or reduced-price National Express coach tickets through us.

How do I book a National Express ticket?

Check with National Express that a service is operating on your required route and date by calling 08717 81 81 81 or visiting their website at Then call us on 0844 567 8844 to book your tickets.

How do I book the taxi service?

We can arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off for a fixed fee. For a quote, visit

How long before departure do I need to check in at the airport?

You should check in two hours before departure for European flights and three hours before departure for other flights.

What to expect on your holiday

Will there be anyone to meet me at the airport?

If you are flying from the main UK departure point for your holiday (in most cases Heathrow or Gatwick), you will be met at check-in or in the departure lounge by your tour manager or one of our airport reps. If you are taking a connecting flight from a regional airport, you will be met by an airport rep if there are more than a handful of people flying from that airport. Sometimes your tour manager will meet you at the destination airport, depending on where they live and their work timetable.

Are coach seats allocated?

We don't allocate specific seats on our coaches. This gives our customers the chance to sit with different people throughout the holiday.

Will my room have a kettle/iron/hairdryer?

Often they will but, unfortunately, we are never able to guarantee that rooms will have these items. If these are a necessity for you, we advise to take them in your luggage.

Will there be a bath/shower in my room?

We cannot guarantee that there will be a bath or shower in your room. We can request a specific facility with the hotel but this can only be a request. If you have any medical conditions that require access to a bath or shower then please advise us when making the booking. We will do our best to allocate an appropriate room.

Do I have to take part in all of the excursions?

It is not always compulsory to take part in excursions included in your holiday, although this depends on the itinerary. Please speak to your Tour Manager and let them know if you don't wish to join the excursion.

Will there be much walking involved?

Unless you are going on one of our walking holidays, you won't need to walk more than short distances. Our walking holidays can include up to five hours' walking a day, although these vary in difficulty. Our walking holidays are graded one to three, with one being the gentlest and three the most challenging.

Will I be left on my own on my holiday?

Only if you want to be. Your tour manager will organise groups activities such as excursions and meals, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know other travellers.

Other questions

How do I join Just You's affiliate programme?

For information about becoming an affiliate, simply email

How do I apply for a job with Just You?

All of our current vacancies can be found on the All Leisure group PLC corporate website. Instructions on how to apply are included in the vacancy details.

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